The HapiFork: A Smart Fork That Gives You a Buzz When You Eat Too Fast

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Yesterday the company HapiLabs unveiled the world's first "smart fork" that tracks eating behavior bite by bite.

The creator of HAPIfork, Dave Graveline (who, by the way, is a skinny Frenchman), promises that by not eating too fast or too much, we will be "happier." From the HapiLabs Facebook page, "Hapifork can help you lose weight by pacing how fast you eat."

The fork monitors trips from plate to mouth per minute and per meal, specifically the duration between bites. And should you start eating too fast, the fork vibrates to remind you to slow your flow.

A bite-by-bite recap of your meals and bites is then uploaded to an online dashboard via USB or Bluetooth so you can see how quickly (or slowly) you inhaled your meal.

The fork is in development and was just unveiled at the CES Convention in Las Vegas.

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TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

Fork this contraption - a happy fork is a busy fork. I get my buzz out of a beer glass.

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