Puffy Tacos Land In Los Angeles

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Since we have been talking puffy tacos here on City of Ate, I had to point out this article I had sent to me from Tasting Table in Los Angeles about a new Tex-Mex restaurant that recently opened.

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Bar Amà's menu is the responsibility of chef Josef Centeno, who just so happens to hail from San Antonio -- the birthplace of the puffy taco.

The delicacy is hard to find outside of his hometown. Even here in Dallas renditions are rare, and when you do find them they're made with precooked tortillas that balloon like a beach ball instead of puffing up to become thicker.

Bar Amà's on the other hand "are one-handed wonders, their swollen shells crispy and chewy, with crushed avocado and grated cheese capping an abundance of sloppy meat," according to the article.

Sounds pretty good to me.

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You guys hate crossing 635 and we're supposed to care about LA?


Did you find one in Dallas yet?

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