Best Recipes for Spending the Super Bowl with Food Nerds

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Hungry for some football food?
If you need evidence that food nerds don't know sports, take a look at the intro to this video for short rib nachos. Painful, right? But ask yourself: What would a Sunday game be without a good tailgate? Who turns on a big game at home and doesn't at least offer some Buffalo chicken dip? While some food nerds may not be known for their affinity for professional sports, it's undeniable that their contribution to the enjoyment of football is a massive one.

I'm not sure I would trust Melissa Clark to recount the last few plays in a successful offensive drive, but I'd eat the shit out of her nachos. And there are a lot of other great recipes making their way around the Internet for this Sunday's event.

At the Washington Post Joe Yonan and Tim Carman offer dueling pizza recipes. Make Carman's Sicilian if you're looking for a meaty pie, or Yonan's version if you want to stick to veg. Better yet, make both and please all of your guests.

The Times-Picayune has all sorts of recipes and slideshows depicting food that will be served in New Orleans this weekend. I'd be all over this muffuletta if someone offered it to me at their Super Bowl party.

If you're feeling boozy, the San Fransisco Chronicle offers Super Bowl cocktails by the quarter. And try not to salivate while looking at their slideshow that includes seafood gumbo and chicken meatball mini pitas. Meanwhile, if anyone gives you grief over your boring bag of potato chips you can proudly tell them Lay's tangy Kettle chips have an official endorsement.

You're not actually pulling for the Giants, though, are you? You could always make these crabcakes instead.

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2012 called, they want their East Coast Super Bowl team back and with proper pluralness. Giant's? Seriously?

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

my super bowl prediction, lots of beer and food, a slight hint at maybe getting laid that night, then Ill look over, the wife half cocked off a box of wine curled in a ball in little chair at the end of the 3rd quarter, and all hope for some nookie is gone.  


my Super Bowl prediction: Coach Harbaugh will take home the trophy.

primi_timpano topcommenter


If you go outside and tell your girl to not make too much noise, you probably won't get caught.

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