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I don't know about you, but I am enjoying the trend wherein "healthy" does not mean "low fat, low calorie, tastes like cardboard warmed over." Something can be healthy, good for you and not devoid of all fat and calories until there's nothing left but a shitty attitude. In fact, there are a few places in town that are crushing it when it comes to full-flavored, healthy eating. Allow me to introduce you to a true contender: Origin Natural Food.

Entrees and sides in refrigerators along the wall
Part coffee bar, part good-food-fast counter, Origin caters to those seeking gluten-free, paleodiet and caffeinated food and drink. Similar in process to My Fit Foods, but with food you'd prefer to eat than feed to your dog, Origin also offers perks like seating, Wi-Fi and handsome good looks. On Tuesday's sun-streaked visit I could barely make out crisp, white walls, large-scale black canvas photographs of Dallas landmarks, plants hanging from the ceiling and menus written on hanging craft brown butcher paper. It's a far cry from dark interior of the former occupant, Cretia's.

Food and coffee offerings at Origin
Let's begin with coffee (because most of our mornings do, anyway). I immediately spotted the Chameleon Cold Brew chilling behind the sliding doors of the drink fridge, but Origin also offers the regular suspects when it comes to their coffee. Espresso shots, cappuccinos, cortados and lattes range from $2.50 to $4.75 (they aren't bothering with sizes it seems), and non-coffee options like tea and chai ($3 to $4.75). But it's the "slow bar" that really gets me excited, mostly because they use old school fancy coffee brewers like a Chemex, Clever or a V60 to slowly brew locally roasted beans like Oak Cliff Coffee's. Like the name suggests, these aren't quick processes, so plan to stick around and enjoy yours in-house, perhaps with a (paleo-friendly) baked good.

My lunch: pesto-stuffed grilled chicken, roasted beets and brussels sprouts
Food-wise, Origin aims to "take the hard out of healthy," and I can see what they mean. Sure, you could grill yourself a pesto-stuffed chicken breast ($7) and then roast some beets ($4) and Brussels sprouts ($4) to go along with it, but would you? And if you would, could you ever make it out of your house on time to get to work? And even if you could, is that really a sustainable lifestyle? I must assume that at least some days, Superman/woman, you just might not get it all done. On those days, when healthy and homemade plus real life just can't happen, consider Origin and their "chef prepared, natural food."
Windows facing McKinney tout Origin's M.O.

Origin Natural Food is located at 4438 McKinney Ave., Suite 150.

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Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

Look at those scrumptious looking dishes!  We don't have to jam mountains of greasy animal flesh down our throats to enjoy food.  BTW, the butcher paper rolls as menus are a very clever idea.



Yuk MMK!  It looks like hammered dogsh+t. And who eats roasted beets and brussels sprouts; I'd rather be as fat as a house, then eat that stuff.  When you eat this, does it make you grow stinky arm hair, wear tie died tshirts, and save whales?  I'm so glad I abandoned the hippie ethic 25 years ago. 

-fooddick out

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