Mextopia, the Ricardo Avila Spot on Greenville, Has Closed

The Dallas Observer's 2010 Readers' Pick for Best New Restaurant, Mextopia, has closed.

Leslie Brenner got the details in a voice mail from owner Ricardo Avila. The plan is to reopen somewhere else with a new concept. Avila cited road construction near his restaurant as part of the problem.

We're not sure how we missed this, but the Mextopia Facebook page regurlarly promoted "sweet & spicy bacon" and beer happy hour specials (photo below). Actually, there are more pictures of bacon on their Facebook page than there are of tacos. Lots of bacon.


I'm going go out on a limb and predict Dallas' first-ever bacon/Tex-Mex fusion restaurant. We'll certainly stay on top of this situation.

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Ricardo Avila's Mextopia - CLOSED

2104 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX

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a sign on the door that states that the locks were changed due to failure to pay rent and if they want back in they gotta pay up to get key.


This is East Dallas and we are loaded with tons of good Mexican restaurants and tons of cheap, average Mexican restaurants. Mextopia was neither. The food was average at best and pricey. I'm glad to see if go. Let's hope someone with some real talent can take over that spot and rev up that block. 


Bummer. I liked the place, maybe because Ricardo was always super nice. I second the bacon/Tex-Mex!


I agree with looptwelve, it wasn't the parking, it was the food.  Even though it's walking distance from my humble abode, I only gave it 2 chances.  Both times it was mediocre at best.  And even though that's apparently good enough for both Matt's and Mi Cocina, it didn't work here.  When the Tex-Mex craving hit, I turn left instead of right and head a couple of blocks south to Monterrey.

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Dont know why this place couldnt make a go of it. And dont blame the parking situation.....there IS no parking situation.  Hopefully something TEX/MEX will take its place.  With the street construction finished, this is a primo location for a good restaurant. Remember, TRADER JOES  will be directly across the street and all sorts of foodie tourists will be roaming the neighborhood.


The road construction has been finished for at least 6 months. A weak excuse to overlook food that was just OK at above average prices.

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