Here Are Five Real Ways to Celebrate Meat Month

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1. Visit a farm
Take the time to learn a little bit about where your meat comes from. Tour a farm that practices free-range and organic techniques. Consider it a history lesson, too. Most farms in America used to operate this way.

2.Visit a farmers market
If a drive out the the country is too daunting, hit up your local farmers market and at least talk to the guy who raised your hamburger. You could learn about all the hard work it takes to raise animals humanely and perhaps gain a new appreciation for conscientious meat consumption.

3. Learn about labeling
Be sure you read the labels on your products and know what they mean so you can make informed decisions about your purchases. The Humane Society has compiled a list of labeling terms and practical definitions. It's a great place to start.

4. Visit a butcher
For the entire month of January I'm referring to my butcher as the meat man, and I'm celebrating him too. Small, local butchers are more likely to work with small local farms, and high quality products. They'll also introduce you to new proteins and cuts that are far more creative than buffalo burgers.

5. Find recipes that use meat efficiently
You don't have to buy an entire rib roast for a hearty, meaty meal. Those same countries that consume less meat than we do are also great at stretching small, humble cuts into big family meals. Indian curries can turn a single pound of meat into a dinner that will feed a whole family. The French can turn a fatty, gristly rib bone into an amazing stew with potatoes and carrots and other vegetables that are infused with the flavor of beef. Throw in a fancy bottle of wine and you've got an occasion that feels like a real celebration of meat. You'll be celebrating food in general, too.

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Warren Johnson
Warren Johnson

go vegan.......just kidding. I'm starting to get my beef from Rudolphs on main in Dallas. This is the month I cook my chili which calls for 2lbs of beef cubes and on pound of pork cubes. Oh, and eat ther tamales mi esposa made over the holidays.


Nice list! I've definitely cut down on the amount of meat I eat. Guess that happens as you get older. Think my husband agrees wholeheartedly.


Actually, the obesity is caused by carbs/sugar, not meat. 

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

Meat month.. in a nation drowning in its own obesity.


That pic of the meat basket screams of the following municipalities:

-Ada, Oklahoma

-Nashville, Arkansas

-Clovis, New Mexico

-Ludlow, Colorado

-Decatur, Texas


Approved City Slogan's:

"Decatur, where a man can enjoy a beef basket"

"Decatur.....where you and yer truck can have some meat!"

"Decatur (slow drawl in a low, dragging tone), it's what beef eats for dinner in Decatur, and also what Marge and her 5 kids, in an unairconditioned Econoline van, run over when you throw the basket's carcass on 380".

"Decatur-speed like hell, or you won't make Santa Fe by nightfall".

"Decatur, the only thing to stop for is a hooker named GUMMY, or Fuzzy's TS".

"Decatur, a stop in hell on the way to Palo Duro".


"The Human Society"

Unless you are referring to Soylent Green that would be Humane.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

Guess I need to inform the wife this is meat month and I expect my meat to be a metaphorical way of course (the eaten part that is).  Has anyone ever had a girl actually attempt to eat their meat?



It's actually caused by cutting corners, and wanton waste, compacted by a lack to delve within they self. 



She has a point; only in America do you celebrate Meat Month; whats next, fast food month, and overeating month? Freedom is not about eating a bunch of cheeseburgers so you are no value to the family, and the community........freedom WAS that we had access to the cheeseburger. But I guess I'll digress here, because we all know that obesity is a disease now.

ps-A disease is when you lose all your hair or a leg falls off, not when you sit, cowering and connivingly in a hidden dank corner, plowing through a 12er of Krispy Kreme's.


Felt like it a couple times.

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