Here Are Five Real Ways to Celebrate Meat Month

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Celebrate meat month with this handy meat basket.
Every day is a food holiday. There are calendars that compile lists of foods to celebrate and not one day is left out. Some of the holidays are real and recognized by the government, and some are purely fictional, but they always give us an excuse to to consume, write and talk about food.

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So I wasn't surprised when I received a news release alerting me that January was National Meat Month. What did surprise me was how offensive the email was.

"January is known as National Meat Month," the release started, before offering statistics on meat consumption to illustrate how much Americans love to eat meat. According to the release, we consumed 52 billion pounds of meat last year for an average of 270.7 pounds consumed per person.

Compare that to the worldwide average of 102.5 pounds per person consumed yearly and it's easy to see where America stacks up.

Supposing 52 billion pounds of meat is an accurate figure, and using 315,000,000 for a national population I get something closer to 165 pounds per person, but let's ignore the bad math. Let's ignore the crass display of gluttony in comparing American meat consumption with other countries, many of which have large populations who can't even afford meat. Let's also ignore that the statistics in the release gloss over the fact that Americans actually consumed 12 percent less meat as a country in 2012 compared with 2007 -- and those numbers are still dropping. The biggest bummer in this release are the suggestions offered for celebrating meat day.

Google "5 Ways to Celebrate National Meat Month" and you'll see this release starting to work its way around the Internet. It suggests we should try something new by indulging buffalo or ostrich burgers and host a meat-themed potluck that focuses on our friend's favorite meat dishes. We're also encouraged to exchange meat recipes, dine out a little more this month (and eat meat of course) and make a family recipe book.

I'm still trying to get my head around exactly how excited my friends would be for a no-holds-barred recipe exchange party, but this list strikes me as pretty lazy. Almost anyone could easily come up with five better ways to celebrate Meat Month. And imagine if those ideas actually left you with a better appropriation of meat.

How about these?

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Warren Johnson
Warren Johnson

go vegan.......just kidding. I'm starting to get my beef from Rudolphs on main in Dallas. This is the month I cook my chili which calls for 2lbs of beef cubes and on pound of pork cubes. Oh, and eat ther tamales mi esposa made over the holidays.


Nice list! I've definitely cut down on the amount of meat I eat. Guess that happens as you get older. Think my husband agrees wholeheartedly.


Actually, the obesity is caused by carbs/sugar, not meat. 

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

Meat month.. in a nation drowning in its own obesity.


That pic of the meat basket screams of the following municipalities:

-Ada, Oklahoma

-Nashville, Arkansas

-Clovis, New Mexico

-Ludlow, Colorado

-Decatur, Texas


Approved City Slogan's:

"Decatur, where a man can enjoy a beef basket"

"Decatur.....where you and yer truck can have some meat!"

"Decatur (slow drawl in a low, dragging tone), it's what beef eats for dinner in Decatur, and also what Marge and her 5 kids, in an unairconditioned Econoline van, run over when you throw the basket's carcass on 380".

"Decatur-speed like hell, or you won't make Santa Fe by nightfall".

"Decatur, the only thing to stop for is a hooker named GUMMY, or Fuzzy's TS".

"Decatur, a stop in hell on the way to Palo Duro".


"The Human Society"

Unless you are referring to Soylent Green that would be Humane.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

Guess I need to inform the wife this is meat month and I expect my meat to be a metaphorical way of course (the eaten part that is).  Has anyone ever had a girl actually attempt to eat their meat?



It's actually caused by cutting corners, and wanton waste, compacted by a lack to delve within they self. 



She has a point; only in America do you celebrate Meat Month; whats next, fast food month, and overeating month? Freedom is not about eating a bunch of cheeseburgers so you are no value to the family, and the community........freedom WAS that we had access to the cheeseburger. But I guess I'll digress here, because we all know that obesity is a disease now.

ps-A disease is when you lose all your hair or a leg falls off, not when you sit, cowering and connivingly in a hidden dank corner, plowing through a 12er of Krispy Kreme's.


Felt like it a couple times.

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