Magnolia Cheese Company in Fort Worth Looks Amazing

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Recently I had the opportunity to check out the new Magnolia Cheese Co. at 1251 W. Magnolia Ave. in Fort Worth. The local-focused artisan cheese shop has received some great reviews and I was in the area, so decided to swing by.

The Magnolia Cheese Co. is true to its name and does, in fact, offer a lot of fresh, cut-to-order cheeses, plus sandwiches, soups, salads, quinoa and the like. Plus, it has a from-scratch cheesecake covered in warm maple syrup and pecan that looks like it would sing hallelujah in your mouth. The chalkboard menu above the counter allows for daily updates, depending on seasons and availability.


This quaint spot has floor-to-ceiling windows that pull in sunshine, which bounces off sky blue walls, adding warm charm to the spot. On a clear day, the Magnolia Cheese Co. is like a basket of golden retriever puppies taking a nap, so freaking cute it hurts.

And the food looked amazing and I couldn't wait for a plate. I anticipated a whole new sandwich experience with the Twisted Spaniard, which comes with manchego, charred Serrano ham, kale and date-roasted garlic smear.

But, I didn't try it. I left. I'll go to quaint-cheese-shop hell for typing this, but I grew impatient after a really long wait just to order. And I completely embrace my own faults here (primarily being that I have no patience) because this is kind of the entire point of the Magnolia Cheese Co.: They want their diners to slow down and embrace the beauty of the food. Which is awesome, but I wish they could just do it a little faster.

I didn't resort to heavy sighing and leaning from one leg to another with arms crossed, all like "this shit wouldn't fly in Dallas", because I've been to Oddfellows, so, I know. I just ducked out indiscreetly, like, "Oops, I think I left the car on."

However, I implore you to check out the Magnolia Cheese Co. I really really think the food is probably amazing. Just make sure you have a time to take it easy and relax.

If you need additional inspiration, check their photos on their Facebook page (like below).

The Magnolia Cheese Company Facebook Page
The C&C Plank with Molinari Pepperoni & house-cured salmon, Brazos Valley feta, parmigiano reggiano, and fromage forte

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Slow down. Take it easy. Fort Worth doesn;t rush--


So this is "The Review That Almost Was". Nice.


@happygrrl Yes. You're correct. I actually never review food, though. My palate isn't that savvy. So, it's not far-off from any other first look of mine. I know I'll catch flack for this, but it's a cool spot and I hope people head over. 

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