Lubbock Texas-Based MicroZap Inc. Claims Technology Allows Bread To Stay Mold-Free

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According to The Associated Press, MicroZap Inc. has developed a technology that allows bread to be stored for up to 60 days without growing mold. The device, which costs about $100 more than a standard microwave oven, makes use of the same energy to kill mold spores in a loaf with a 10-second blast.

The only difference between MicroZap's machine and the one you can buy at Sears is that the energy waves are directed more evenly, to assure undesirable spores are killed throughout the loaf before it's heated up.

The technology does nothing to prevent staleness, though, and is rendered ineffective when a bread package is opened. Still, chief executive officer Don Stull says he thinks consumers are going to drive this new market more than bread manufacturers, which are already dealing with tight margins.

I suppose you could blast the bread over and over again, every time you open the bag, since MicroZap claims their technology has no effect on the texture or flavor of the bread. Or consumers could just make use of a piece of kitchen equipment they likely already have on hand. Many bread products will keep in a freezer for up to six months if they're properly wrapped and sealed. They won't get stale in the ol' ice box either.

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Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

How timely. This was orginally reported on Nov. 30.


@Sharon_Moreanus but it wasn't here. Buddy Holly is still the greatest thing out of Lubbock since mold free sliced bread

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

@ChrisYu its here and was reported on Nov. 30 12.

its not like its new news.  scott needs to come up with something new.

yup he forgot to include this.   but what good food critic doesnt. 

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