If You Drove Into The Windmill Lounge Last Night, I Found Your Hubcap

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Windmill Lounge Planter Box.JPG
It was a rough night over at the Windmill Lounge: not a good night for planter boxes at all. "No we do not have a drive-in patio. Well, not until tonight," reads a post on their Facebook page alongside a dark, ambiguous picture of some strewn-about lumber.

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I just drove over to check out the damage, and thankfully it's not too severe at all, unless you happen to be a bamboo plant ...

Windmill Lounge hubcap.JPG
Hey Dude, I found your hubcap.
Or a hubcap. This one will never dress up a steel wheel with it's plasticine beauty anymore.

Nobody answered the door when I went over, but I'll give them a call when they open later today. I've got to find out what the guy ordered to drink. Or maybe he was looking for Italian beef in all the wrong places. It would seem people drive into buildings more than you might think.

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Windmill Lounge

5320 Maple Ave., Dallas, TX

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primi_timpano topcommenter

Bamboo is indestructible. Whatever was wrecked will grow back in short order.

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