Green Grocer is Open on Lower Greenville

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The small neighborhood grocery store Green Grocer, originally out of Chicago, held a grand opening party this weekend at its new location at 3614 Greenville Ave. So, what's that mean? Well, essentially, it means you can shop there now.

But, why should you? Green Grocer is a small version of Central Market, with a slightly more local slant. And the kids at Green Grocer might not be crazy about that analogy, because I'm sure they want their own identity, but that's essentially what it is. In a good way though.

Shoppers can get high-quality products and ingredients, some made locally, all chosen for their refinement. But shoppers won't be overwhelmed by cheese options, face a labyrinth of aisles or have to get a number to buy a steak, then another number for shrimp.

For the perfect example, see their bulk section:


It makes one ponder the need for rows and rows of bulk items. Do we really need all that? Maybe. But, for a Wednesday afternoon on the way home from work, if you just want to get some sausages (Luscher's Post Oak Red Hots), fresh bread (Village Baking Co.), with a salad (Hudspeth Farms hydroponic jazzy-lettuce), then you should stop at Green Grocer.

There is essentially a local, organic, high-end option for every basic necessity that a typical grocer store carries: local honey, local produce, local coffee, local beer, local beef, etc. Also cleaning products (Meyer's), canned goods (Amy's), flour, salt, sugar and a bevy of small family artisans.

But, unlike Central Market, the parking is easy.

Green Grocer is open daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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I stopped by on Sunday.  If you like $6 for a head of cauliflower, $10 for a pint of strawberries, and $11 for a 6 pack of Shiner, then this is your store.  Since there are several other options within a mile or so that also sell organic and "high-end" items, I give this place 6 months.


I excite to follow this!

ps-LDD, my daughter and I went rock climbing in Texoma on Saturday, and I got stuck in a ravine; whereupon she had to pull me out.........does this mean I am getting too fat, or old-or both? Sunday's meal:

-crsipy fried clam sandwich with remoulade  and Tabasco

-drunken shredded BBQ chicken with Jack Daniels "sweet and hot" BBQ sauce

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

@crozkent1 your prices are way off.

caliiflower $2.39, strawberries $3.99, shiner $8.81.


On Sunday, it was $5.49, $9.79, & $11.99 respectively. That's great if they've reduced them. Since I live within walking distance, I really want this place to work.

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