Fish McBites Are Back, and I Can't Figure Out Why

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Last February I saw a blog post announcing McDonald's latest and greatest offering. Fish McBites were introduced at the start of Lent to give Catholics a way to torture themselves through Easter Sunday. I ordered a small cardboard container of the fish nuggets and ate two or three before I was confident that Fish McBites were the worst thing McDonald's had created in some time.

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Shortly after I blogged about the little guys, Easter came and went, and then I never heard about them again. Now, they're apparently back for another test run.

On the hierarchy of fast food, Fish McBites are without a doubt on the lowest of echelons, definitely below mechanically separated chicken nuggets. The breading smells of cornmeal but tastes like the breadcrumbs you buy at the grocery store in a can and the sugar cube of Alaskan pollock that rests inside each nugget is so small deep-frying renders it almost dessicated.

Still, McDonald's is giving them a second shot. And if they sell enough they'll be a permanent menu item.

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You must not be eating them with enough tartar sauce to cover up the taste.


Dear Scott, 

   You cannot blame McDonald's for trying as the competition flounders (BK, Wendy's).....hey, don't we all at one point throw sh+t against the wall to see if it sticks? Gotta figure out what works man!  It used to be that a place like MD's would have a customer for life, now the demo changes every couple of years. So, it's change (or atleast try) or die....natural selection sir. And sure, Fish Balls sound nasty-heck man, all white fish is nasty; there is very little one can do to improve the taste and quality.; but they ARE trying.

BTW, I tried the The Pizza inside a Pizza, and the Mcrib..........not bad-just saying. 

ps-I excite to follow this!  Anyone out there no how I can make $100,000. a year in my PJ's, on the computer? 



Just like the Mcrib, you put enough Sriracha Sauce on it, you can't taste anything-for days. 

My wife had to put said sauce on baby kerg's tongue because he told us he was going to "beat someone's asp".....didn't faze that little monster a bit.



And it's REAL bad!  But atleast they are trying; seems to be quite a few new things on the menu.  The nacho's are still lame; the quesadilla was deep fried last time I went in-that was weird; ribs are good; can't go wrong with fajita's; new mashed potatoes kind of suck; I thought about ordering s a steak, but I'm not that adventuresome! The apple wood smoked chicken taco's are great!

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

@kergo1spaceship @ScottsMerkin 

Ummm. Yeah. Speaking of new things, what's with the "bowl-o-crap" phase that seemingly everyone from Taco Bell to Boston Market seem to be hawking these days?

I just saw a Chili's ad featuring their version. So, yeah. Crappy pizza and bowls full of random crap. yum.

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