Eight Food Delivery Options for the Flu-Stricken

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Le Gourmet Valet is an independent local company that will deliver home-cooked meals and baked goods. The menu changes each week; this week's meal is pan-seared trout "from off the truck from Rex's." There are some inspiring pictures of shortbread cookies, as well. They do either individual meals, meals for two or family meals. LGV has a minimum order of $25, and offers free delivery within a five-mile radius of base camp at 5600 W. Lovers Lane. Other delivery charges do apply.

Central Market will ship gift boxes if there's someone you'd like to send well wishes to; like the Early Riser gift box that includes, among other things, Stonewall Kitchen Farmhouse pancake mix, butter pecan syrup and the delectable Wild Maine Blueberry Jam -- it really is the gift that just keeps on giving, Clark.

Carnegie Deli in New York City
Actually, that's not a typo. Once a boss ordered pastrami sandwiches from Carnegie Deli for another boss. Everything was put in one box with some ice packs and shipped overnight. It was awesome. However, if you're between 50th Street and 60th Street, from Madison Avenue to 10th Avenue, delivery is free. Now, who needs some fluffy matzo ball soup?

What any ill person really needs is hot bowl of pho. A proper broth is a powder keg of healthfulness. There aren't a lot of delivery options, but I found that the delivery service GrubHub will pick up pho from several different places, depending on where you live, among them Vietnam in East Dallas. Sadly, they only deliver after 5 p.m., so if there are other pho delivery options, for the love of mankind, let us know in the comments. Fire away. Be Kergo.

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