Cracker Barrel, Rodeo Goats and Tofu Porn: This Week in Dallas Dining

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It's over. All those special occasion dishes, all the festive cocktails, they're all gone. It's that time of year when were forced to come back to our desks and actually work, even if our desk tops have been pushed a little further away from our faces by a growing holiday midsection. You'd think we'd be blogging about whole fruit smoothies, leafy salads and tofu, but nope; We're blogging about Cracker Barrel, extra pepper gravy, please.

This week I reviewed Cook Hall, the new gastro pub that took over the old Craft space in the W hotel. I'm not impressed enough with the food to make a special trip to Victory Plaza, but if you're there for a game, this is likely one of your best options for a snack.

If you're ready to look forward into the New Year, LDD has some predictions for 2013 in food. We also have a first look at Rodeo Goat, the new burger joint in Fort Worth, and a kickoff of this year's NFL playoffs of food.

Over on the Eats Blog, Mark Vamos steps in for Leslie Brenner to review Neighborhood Services, awarding three stars. Kim Pierce, meanwhile, awards three stars to Qariah, the newish Lebanese restaurant on Greenville Avenue.

Side Dish has a great video with some amazing food imagery from China. Watch this and see if you don't start checking airfare prices. If you like the vid, check out other stuff from The Perennial Plate here.

Daniel Vaughn doesn't hand out too many four-star reviews on Full Custom Gospel Barbecue so I take notice when he does. Finding decent barbecue in West Texas is a challenge according to Vaughn, making Sam's Bar-B-Que in Midland a real find.

The other blogs I like look sleepy, which I'm sure is because of the midweek holiday. I'm willing to bet over the next few weeks we see a deluge of food news. See you on Monday, Aters.

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