Chef Tre Wilcox Leaves Marquee to Be a Private Chef. Duh!

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Desiree Espada

D Magazine reported recently that Chef Tre Wilcox has left Village Marquee in Highland Park Village, citing a much-needed break as the primary reason. Wilcox will return to being a private chef and will also teach classes from his house.

I interviewed Chef Wilcox early last year, and in what was, hands-down, the most entertaining interview of the year, aptly titled Chef Tre Wilcox ... and the Perks of Being a Private Chef.

I've taken the liberty of pulling a few quotes of his from the interview to gather a bit more insight into his departure. Here's a fake interview, with real quotes from our previous interview:

LDD: What's the deal with being a private chef? Do you like that line of work?
Wilcox: [Leans in closely and whispers] Fuck yeah! [Rolls head back and laughs.] It was awesome. It was a two-year break!

LDD: How's that? You mean running a restaurant is hard compared to cooking for one dinner party?
Wilcox: Yes, it was a break! My limit for dinner parties was 16 people. It's nothing like running a restaurant. And I was at all these amazing houses with professional kitchens.

LDD: What other perks could there be? Travel perhaps?
Wilcox: Oh yeah! That's all I did. This one family took me to Brazil for two weeks. It was a total of six people, and they wanted to try the food of Brazil, but with my take on it. I cooked three dinners for them. That's it. The rest of my time there I just did whatever I wanted.

LDD: So, why did you even ever come back to the restaurant business?
Wilcox: Because there was a recession! [He laughs again.] It was ridiculous, everybody clinched their pockets.

Guess we should have seen this coming...

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Village Marquee - Texas Grill & Bar

33 Highland Park Village, Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

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ScottsMerkin topcommenter

I dont know what happened, but apparently the xmas holiday break was good for Kergs.  his writings have been amazing today.  I feel as if I in the car with him telling me the story as opposed to reading it.  Fight on good sir, fight on


Poor Tre Wilcox; his buddies call him and tell him he's got a write up on the DO site; so he goes and checks it out, and looks at the comments, and then he has to bear witness to what amounts to half a novel by The Kerg's.......Poor Tre!


Listen LDD, I'm in a BudLight coma this does this affect me, the "normal Joe", who is has been working his fingers to the bone all year? So, I read my wife the headline, and she asked me if I was aware that Fat Joe had left Atlantic. Things that move the radar during the holiday week:

-driving all night to get to Santa Fe


-not urban BBQ


-lighting two campfires at one time, so the park ranger has to come and check it out, while I'm cooking petite sirloin w/buttered mushrooms, plum BBQ brisket and a whole bird slathered in mustard and Tabasco. Oh, yeah, and shrimp skewers in lemon, garlic, olive oil and Parmesan.

-casino (singular)

-sitting in the woods and reading Treasure Island.

-New York Times


Things that don't move the radar-at all:

-drunk Al brought us another holiday ham, that looked like it had been consumed and puked out of a moose.

-any kind of work or effort-even the simplest of toils, like bathing, shaving or calling my boss to see if I still have a job. The way I figure, the city dump will still be there on Jan 7.

-some chef left some place in some town I don't care about




Thank you; I've commented very little in the past month, and then wham! Once I got all the traveling, hiking, cooking, reading, working, shopping and entertaining out of my system, it was time to boogie.  My wife even asked my why I wasn't on the old DO.



I can't stop thinking about him perusing to see what kind of accolades his minions have for him; and all he see's is frickin' the Kerg's posting about bears, the dump and getting kicked in the nuts.  Probably feels like someone slipped him some Microdot; whatever that is. 


@kergo1spaceship Driven all night to get to Santa Fe but didn't camp.  It was about this time of year and seeing sparkling virgin snow glistening on the square is still on the top 5 of my favorite all time memory pictures.  No one had walked on the snow yet so it was perfect.  Food you were cooking sounds delicious. 


@kergo1spaceship So, what did the boss say?If he says "nay," then you could apply at Marquee for the chefie job. So, really, is it all that irrelevant? And, are you referring about a place to gamble or the movie? B/c I love that movie. I think I could watch it once a week. Pesci totally stresses me out, but De Niro makes it all okay. And why do you pick on park rangers? They're really nice people. 


@kergo1spaceship @ScottsMerkin Of course you told her "Shadup women, that beer ain't growing legs!" Cause that's what I'd tell mine ifn I weren't so scared of her!!

Hey Tre, I'm sure there'll be a reunion of Topchefchoppeddivesanddinerswithrachelpaulaandgiada casting soon..chin up bro!



That Square with a fresh coat of snow is as beautiful as this world can get.....I can't tell you how many times I have walked around the square in SF, and lost track of time; that place is FULL of huge presence. Last time I camped in Santa Fe in winter I dug out three feet of snow, built a huge fire, looked to my left and saw a huge bear track in the snow, packed up my stuff, and found a hotel room.  While in SF, I recommend:

-Racetrack, the Olympic kayak training run

-The Walmart-it's got cheap t's to bring friends and family.

-The Pueblo Casino.

-Eating anywhere in SF

-Ski in Taos

-Drive the Enchanted Circle; I prefer Eagles Nest or Red River.  Sad note: I once got bitten by a dog in the town of Questa as I tried to enter THE convenience store for beer. Good note: I once chained my dog to a picnic table, during a snow storm in Red River, so I could buy some tequila and when I came out he had dragged said table into the road, and stopped traffic. That old ski resort in RR was awesome-if you have a chance, try out that old Italian place in RR. Or, get brave and take the unimproved roads straight through the Enchanted Circle; I once drove it in my wife's mini van, and we hit so many potholes that the sliding door fell off. 

Then to end the trip, go to the greatness of Sugarrite Canyon-and watch out for nuisance bears. And never, EVER speed through the main campsite at SC. I once had an elderly lady throw a rock at my Honda, and another time I had a geriatric call the cops on me because she said I tried run her over. Finally, "iff'n" you go to Sugarrite Canyon, cross into Colorado and go canoeing on Lake Dorothy-PARADISE.



Oh crud, they said they need me back at the dump come Monday-dang!  I would be interested if I became the chef at said locale. 

Casino the movie!  Greatest of all time.  Kerg's HAD (sad face) uncle's like Pesci.  I love it when Pesci sneaks into the casino and starts berating the dealers-classic. 

De Niro is legend; his work in Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, Goodfella's, etc, makes him tops on my list-and he's Italian (yay!).

I don't like Park Rangers b/c I want to be one; rumor is, they have more power than any other policing agency.  That's POWER MAN!  

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

@danielslauren @kergo1spaceship Interesting that he followed up "casino" with Treasure Island which is also a casino and now my mind is blown and I forgot where I was going with this and well yeah...

Thing that moved my holiday needle-  BBQ in KC, it was delish.  I mean delish like I caressed and petted the meat before I let it melt in my mouth delish.  Oh BBQ from home is always the best

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

@danielslauren @kergo1spaceship the original Oklahoma Joes inside a Gas Station on 47th street, the Jack Stack in Martin City, or arthur bryants are good starts. If you want mediocre BBQ but one of the originals then you gotta to to Gates on 12th St



KC BBQ...nothing wrong with that sir!  I read Treasure Island because I am intrigued by the lore of the pirate to the sea faring nations, kind of like us here with the Cowboy, or the West. Growing up hard by the sea I ALWAYS wanted to be a pirate; heck, I didn't even know what a cowboy was until, like I was 10.  Yup, there is little mini Kerg's being the pirate, and the neighbor kids being either the natives West Indiers/Indiiates(?) or the indians. 

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