Budweiser Releases New "Black Crown"

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Because we try to be equal opportunity beer people ... Budweiser has just announced a new beer called Black Crown. The story line goes that a year ago Budweiser sent memos out (presumably) to its 12 brewmasters to "envision their own unique version of one of the world's most iconic beers."

Called "Project 12," a dozen recipes were submitted, of which six were brewed for a huge nationwide sampling. Then 25,000 beer drinkers voted and crowned one new golden amber lager as the Budweiser Black Crown.

This new brand will be available for purchase on Monday, January 21, then two weeks later will have a commercial premier during Super Bowl XLVII (that's 964, for you non-Romans) on February 3.

From the press release:

"With a blend of two-row caramel malt and four types of domestic hops, Budweiser Black Crown is finished on a bed of Beechwood chips..."

The winning brewmaster is Bryan Sullivan from Los Angeles. Like a good journalist, I Googled him and came up with this entry from the Daily Beer Review. Author "Beer Drinker Rob" appears to have been one of the 25,000 tasters. He wrote:

Heavy caramel aroma with a hint of toast and a definite sweet edge. Caramel and a light nutty flavor dominate pretty much the entire experience. This beer definitely has THAT flavor, distinctly Budweiser. I'm not saying that in a condescending way, but the sanctimony may come later. We'll see.

A little buttery and some wood (the label does say this was finished on beechwood chips). Definitely too sweet from start to finish with not a hop to be found. Carbonation is good, body medium. Decent despite its sweet tooth. It's a close call, but I'd say this is the best of the three in this Project Twelve experiment.

He knows how to pick a winner! And it sounds like it taste like Budweiser. Awesomesauce.

In other news, Lakewood Brewing Company's Rock Ryder will be available in bottles at Sigel's today. Per the brewer's Facebook page, "Proceeds from Rock Ryder go to save White Rock Lake." (See, equal opportunity.)

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Ripping off Crown Black Label

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

I bet waaaaaay more time and energy went into thinking up a name and designing a label that fit a market niche than went into making a decent, drinkable, mass produced beer.


I envision the following memo from Bud:

From: Ed Budweiser

To: Brewmaster(s)


Dear Gent's,

      We have to find a way to "satisfied" the over dramatic, semi self entitled,  who think they are REALLY into beer.......he is usually a hipster asshole with a beard, a woolen hat, and maybe a tie.  Good thing is that our subject group will next year be more concerned with deep fried tapas, and liquid coffee desserts.


    Ed Budweiser


I love that the press release part mentions four types of hops and the review part mentions "not a hop to be found". What the press release failed to say is that they only actually used one each of four different hops. lol


ps-I love when this ad comes on the radio about brewmasters working overtime, and it sounds like Stomp is playing in the backround........who is this appealing to?  Any major brewery that creates a craft beer; I'm out!  Too late......ya'll missed the boat by, like 10 years!  I'd rather hear Mick Mmmmamis, IRS lawyer. Or Henry Lewis in Canton,; although HL sounds like the fake Ralph Hall, which sounds like Avery AC guy. 

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