At Long Last I've Found the Ultimate Coffee Drink

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I've been searching for this for quite some time. One of the greatest beverage combinations in the history of mankind (better than both chocolate added to milk, and beer added to hot sauce), is a nice pint of Guinness doctored with a freshly pulled shot of espresso. The flavor combination is a match made in heaven, and the low alcohol content and a little caffeine combine for a perfect afternoon drink.

A coffee bar in Washington, D.C., by the name of Tryst has been making this drink and calling it the Dufrain for years now. I used to sit at their copper bar and drink a coffee or two while reading the paper, and when I was ready for a drink, switch over to this combination as a way to gradually transition into a leisurely weekend afternoon.

I've tried to find the same thing here in Dallas since I moved more than a year and a half ago without much luck.

I tried ordering a modification at Jonathon's Oak Cliff once, but it lead to disaster. The restaurant didn't have Guinness but they did have Left Hand Milk Stout. Unfortunately the beer exploded into a geyser of foam the second the bartender added the espresso. We were left with a flat and messy disaster.

The folks at Oak Lawn Coffee said they could make me one if I brought them a Guinness Draft can. I suppose that would work, but it hardly seems right. Who wants to stop at the beer store before going for a coffee in the early afternoon?

Oddfellows has beer and coffee, but they won't carry Guinness. I think it's a bit too mainstream. It seems that every coffee shop that serves beer here in Dallas doesn't have Guinness on the menu as well -- until recently, that is.

I'm sorry to write about Ascension again -- I know they've received plenty of press since they've opened -- but I can't contain my enthusiasm. The coffee shop makes use of draft bottles, which isn't ideal, but I'm willing to make some concessions so that coffee and Guinness can be back in my life once again.

The combination isn't on the menu, but if you ask, I'm sure they'll whip one up. Maybe if we all order enough of them, the drink could become a permanent fixture. We could even give it our own name. I never once heard a decent explanation of how the drink ended up referred to as the Dufrain.

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Hi, I am in fact the person who the drink is named after. :-)

Jerry DuFrain.  Some 23 years ago I lived in Sarasota, Florida and began ordering the drink at the local hotspot KANEGA.  It was quite literally all that I ordered and it became very popular amongst the staff and patrons.  I eventually began working there and the drink made it's way onto the menu titled simply enough, "The DuFrain."  We pushed it, we popularized it, and I was not entirely surprised that even several years after I had moved away from Sarasota, I would return to visit and hear the drink ordered as a "DuFrain."  It always made for a fun conversation.  I'm not surprised to hear that the drink and name have spread further afield (there were some pretty great bartenders at KANEGA).  I never realized that it was a signature drink in D.C.  I'll have to stop by Tryst some time when I am in town. 


Maybe it's just me, and I guess I may be tied to the traditional old Italian ethic that you are either drinking, or sobering up; and NEVER do the two meet in the middle.  Why would someone drink an upper (coffee) with a downer (booze)?  Are you looking to be temporarily bi polar-oh, that's sounds like f+cking fun!  I knew this lady that drank Redbull and Vodka (I know hipster +ssholes love this drink-surprise!), and she was crazier than a 3 dollar hen with one leg. 

Look, I cherish my imbibe time, but, I also really enjoy my sober time.



A much more manly concoction than your summer fixation with the Shanty - a girly girl drink if ever there was one....I'll have to give this a try.


Just thinking out loud here, but how would a shot of Patron Cafe go with a Guiness? Not what you're going for, but ... could be interesting. 


But for the 10% alcohol this one would do the trick right from the tap. New Belgium Imperial Coffee Chocolate Stout. Almost sent me to the terlit. Stomach was howling.

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter


My Grandpa, Primo, regularly put a shot of Aristocrat El Presidente brandy in his a.m. coffee - and they don't get any more Italian or traditional than Primo.

Of course, our family motto is:  You can't drink all day long - unless you start in the morning.


@kergo1spaceship But what about an Irish coffee? At a SF Giants game? I know! So many worlds colliding there. 

And did you just hashtag, Mr.ImmaCookDinnerOverACampfire? 


@Mervis In January/February Im usually married to Rahr's Iron Thistle. That tasty motherfucker is 8.7%. You may have just introduced me to my mistress.



My grandpa, Papa used to drink all day also; so I decided it was not going to be "my calling".   He was effing pissed all the time!  I attributed at my young Kergie age that drinking Narraganset beer and "hird" liquor would not be my thing.  Although I did appreciate that when I was 8, he 67, he beat the shit out of a 20 something that mouthed off to him in a traffic circle in Lowell, Mass.....ahhhh, memories!

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