An Interview with John Tesar and Spoon's New Pastry Chef, David Collier

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Rapid-Fire Round

Last drive-thru restaurant:
Tesar: Taco Cabaña. Nachos, but I always ask for "real cheese."
Collier: Kentucky Fried Chicken. I do like chicken wings and the Original Recipe. I'm ready to get back to Texas though so I can hit Whataburger.

Favorite taco joint:
Tesar: I love Velvet Taco.
Collier: We don't really have a lot up here, so I'm going to have to lean towards one of the more readily available places, like Taco Cabaña. But I look forward to trying spots down there.

Favorite barbecue joint:
Tesar: I've yet to find it. [Thinks for a minute.] Salt Lick in Austin would probably be my favorite.
Collier: I have to plea that I'm predisposed to South Carolina barbecue [he's from that area] and I'd have to go with Dixie Pig, which I think are all out of business now, which is unfortunate.
Tesar: I want to clarify that I love Smoke and Tim Byres, but I'd never classify that as a barbecue joint.

Favorite doughnut shop:
Tesar: I never touch the stuff. I really despise doughnuts.
Wait. Why "despise"? That's a strong word.
Tesar: Because doughnuts kill. They're part of the problem in the United States.
Not just one, in moderation... You don't even have a birthday doughnut?
Tesar: Once you start eating them, there is no moderation. People buy them by the box.
Collier: There's a place up here called the Fractured Prune, and along the lines of John's statement that doughnuts kill, they serve doughnuts until noon and they serve doughnuts with ice cream. So, I can't imagine eating a doughnut with ice cream at 10 o'clock in the morning and not needing a defibrillator. But, they're darn good.
Tesar: I want to get a box of those and sit in front of my computer all day and do nothing.

Favorite cereal:
Tesar: Either Trix or Cap'n Crunch.
Collier: I'll go for Waffle O's, but they don't make those anymore. So... Coco Pebbles.

Let's end it on that note: Coco Pebbles.

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