13 Dallas Spots for Healthy Foods That Don't Suck

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Whoever Romi is, I bet she's skinny.
5. Urban Taco
There's this lovely salad I like to order at Urban Taco called the Romi. I get it with grilled snapper on top and call it a day. It has slices of creamy avocado, pepitas and a lovely vinaigrette. Just try to resist the cojito, Urban Taco's seductive coconut mojito.
Peppers pep up your metabolism!
4. Velvet Taco
A healthy taco? You lie! But it's true; the taco place with the terrible name I can't say without thinking of a desperate housewife in a Juicy tracksuit serves one heck of a lettuce-wrapped gem called the Ahi Poke. Asian in persuasion, this taco is spicy, crunchy and light. Plus, it doesn't really go with anything else on the menu, so I recommend ordering a couple and getting out of there before the elotes find you.

3. Zoe's Kitchen
Chock full of families, Zoe makes lunch and dinner items with a Greek slant and fresh disposition. I'm a big fan of the "gruben", a sandwich featuring turkey, delicious feta slaw, spicy mustard and Swiss cheese on grilled rye. I recommend pairing it with their braised white beans. Part soup, part side dish, these healthy beans will warm you through and through.

Resolve to eat more local greens this year
2. Company Cafe
Company Cafe has plenty for vegetarians, gluten haters and those who prefer their eggs from uncaged chickens. But the cafe also happens to serve my favorite non-disappointing salad. The tomato burrata salad comes as a pile of organic greens topped with Lemley's tomatoes, pesto, balsamic reduction and a soft round of creamy burrata.
Dive into this delicious tuna wrap
1. DIVE Coastal Cuisine
If you can handle the hustle and bustle of Highland Park moms and their nannies, make your way to DIVE for their ahi tuna wrap, which is an incredible way to grab a protein-filled, healthy lunch. A spinach tortilla envelops coconut rice, seared tuna and delicious slaw. Enjoy it dipped in a sweet chile sauce or vinegar-laden soy and thank me later. Lighten up even more and save half for dinner.

Those babies should get you started on your merry way to Resolution Town. Enjoy, and may you never have to settle for a disappointing salad again, my friends. Happy New Year.

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do these places serve non gmo organic foods? 

J_A_ topcommenter

I think a great satisfying "diet" dish is a tofu vermicelli bowl from a Viet place. If you're being extra good, you can take out some of the noodles. Just don't order those 2 extra egg rolls with it.


For low fat and calories, the fresh shrimp cocktail with red cocktail sauce from the new location for T.J.'s Seafood & restaurant.  You can select any fish in their case, have it grilled, with very little butter or oil, steamed broccoli with no butter just a squeeze of lemon, or on top of their house salad with Wasabi dressing on the side.  Healthy but delicious.


What a stretch. Apparently, there's so much more and better in Richardson.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

God Dammit, this is the second fucking article today where it takes 3 clicks to finish the story, I think we are over page breaking today.  Okay, I feel better now


Where is Be Raw Food N Juice - in Preston Center - used to be Bliss

The place is awesome


I still haven't actually encountered anyone who likes Velvet Taco - too many weird things paired together (Brisket and blue cheese? I made that mistake once. Never again.) and so expensive.

Southpaw would be a nice addition to this list. Fantastic food, and I love that I get fruit as a side!

Gerald Parrish
Gerald Parrish

How did Kalachandji's not make the list? Not a worthy list without it.


@sarahjfrost I know a few people that legitimately LOVE the velvet. I'm like, there are better tacos out there...for less money.

I *DO* however love that I can get said tacos on lettuce wraps, saving me like 100-150 calories per taco, since we're talking healthy.

I stick with the #1 and #2 because everything else is a little to...weird.


Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

@ewanmacdonald it's the ci ci's of soup n salad.


@mdd0124 @sarahjfrost Southpaw is good, but not good enough to make the cut. I'm definitely a fan of food you could make at home if you had the time and ingredients, but a place should do a little bit more than stuff some run-of-the-mill turkey in a pita with mustard, lettuce and tomato and call it a sandwich. They do get points for their solid chowder though.

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