The Most Notable Restaurant Openings Of 2012

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ACME F&BThe space that once housed Cretia's is now home to ACME F&B. The restaurant has changed chefs, and then owners, in the few short months it has been opened.

Pepper Smash
Chef Vijay Sadhu's restaurant and bar at the Shops at Legacy turns out amazing humus and pita bread. The heart of the restaurant is the hot tandoor oven in the back kitchen. Make sure you order their kebabs, too.

The Oak Cliff Social Club
The new Oak Cliff watering hole, located in a historic building, boasts a 40-foot granite bar stocked with 150 bottles of booze.

Afghani food came to lower Greenville this year.

The Bowery brought hot dogs to McKinney Avenue
Bowery The Bowery found a home in Uptown, where Lumi used to be.

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@Dallas_Observer why didn't Zenna make the list? They opened a new spot on Rosemead. There are 3 locations open till 3am! Great food!


@Dallas_Observer do I have to eat at all of these places before 2013 to say I'm cool? because I will

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