The Most Notable Restaurant Openings Of 2012

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DaLat The new late-night pho spot, located in the old RedFork Tavern building on Fitzhugh, is still alive and kicking after midnight. If you're craving a hot bowl of Pho and don't want to treck out to the suburbs, this is the place to get it.

Carbone's Fine Food and Wine
Julian Barsotti, chef and owner of Nonna, opened Carbone's Fine Food and Wine at The Shops of Highland Park. I still stop if for a quick sandwich now and again. This place serves up the best upscale hoagie in Dallas.

The Standard Pour: Uptown's latest "cocktail den" is open and pouring drinks on McKinney Avenue. Lately I've been hearing a lot about the food they're turning out and I'm excited to see what they're up to in the coming year.

Rosemont Fish Sandwich.jpg
Scott Reitz
Rosemont's fish sammy.
Tracy Miller's long-awaited Deep Ellum restaurant is a nice place for breakfast. It's hard to say no to these perfect little cake doughnuts.

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@Dallas_Observer why didn't Zenna make the list? They opened a new spot on Rosemead. There are 3 locations open till 3am! Great food!


@Dallas_Observer do I have to eat at all of these places before 2013 to say I'm cool? because I will

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