The Most Notable Restaurant Openings Of 2012

Offsite kitchen.jpg
Scott Reitz
Off-site Kitchen's regular cheese burger with bacon
Off-site Kitchen
Off-Site Kitchen is the breakfast-and-lunch spot from the Neighborhood Services group that opened this spring. Here at the Observer, it's become the official daytime cafeteria.

Sissy's Southern Kitchen & Bar
Sissy's Southern Kitchen & Bar is the long-awaited restaurant openeing from Lisa Garza that kept the momentum going all year long. This place is still hot, even after the departure of chef Jeffery Hobbs.

Bikini's Sports Bar & Grill
The breastaurant opened early this spring. Then it became a town.

Chicken Scratch_2.jpg
Catherine Downes
Chicken Scratch opened next to The Foundry in Oak Cliff
Chicken Scratch
Tim Byres' new chicken joint opened in the former Jack's Backyard space, pairing skillet-fried and roasted chicken with booze and music from the Foundry next door.

Manuel's Creative Cuisine
The Mexican restaurant opened on Oak Lawn in March, and despite an interesting concept and menu has remained relatively quiet.

Lauren Drewes Daniels
Oak Cliff got a new "upscale-casual" seafood restaurant. If you're looking for dressed up fish, you might like this spot. John Tesar's recently opened Spoon may be stealing the seafood spotlight in the new year, though.

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@Dallas_Observer why didn't Zenna make the list? They opened a new spot on Rosemead. There are 3 locations open till 3am! Great food!


@Dallas_Observer do I have to eat at all of these places before 2013 to say I'm cool? because I will

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