Tyler Florence Signing Books at Williams-Sonoma Today at Noon

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Tyler Florence, host of several Food Network shows including "Iron Chef," "Food 911" and "Tyler's Ultimate," will be at Williams-Sonoma at NorthPark Center at noon today (Monday, Dec 10), signing copies of his new cookbook, TYLER FLORENCE FRESH.

After a peek at the book online, in the introduction Florence writes at length of the "naked honesty that reveals itself once you start to understand the soul of ingredients in front of you." He goes on to cover the history of introduction of HFCS into our mainstream diets, as well as GMOs. Florence builds his recipes based on ingredients one would find at a farmers' market or grocery store to create high-end, restaurant-worthy dishes. Void of HFCS, we presume.

The cookbook is available at Williams-Sonoma for $35 and proof of purchase from the store must be shown to get it autographed.

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327 Northpark Center, Dallas, Dallas, TX

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Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

Florence makes the most scrumptious dishes shown on TV.  But, "proof of purchase" to get the book autographed?  


@TylerFlorence this is this first time I have ever wished I was in Texas. :) good day, Chef!


@TylerFlorence ... and we're all happy that you're here in DFW, too, Tyler! :)

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