The New Craft and Growler Offers a Whole New Craft Beer Experience

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How is the beer kept fresh in the growler?
We use a beer gun and just stick the head of it into the growler and inject CO2 in there, which evacuates the beer out of the growler. CO2 is heavier then air, so it stays in the growler. Once the air is evacuated, you pull the beer trigger and the beer fills up from under the CO2, so air never touches the beer. And then you seal it and it's protected for a nice long time.

Who built the system?
I designed it, and I have a patent pending on it. David Gill actually built it for us. He's done a lot of great work around the city.

About how long is the beer good in the growler?
With our system, at least two weeks. I'm doing a lot of personal testing and I've had mine a lot longer than that and it's totally fine. Once you open it though, you need to finish it within 24 to 48 hours.

You're a patent attorney by day, and you're still working that job too, right?

How long did it take you to open this spot?
About four months.

Was it more challenging than you thought it would be?
It was one of the hardest things I think I've ever done in my life. Government permitting is really hard. The cooler system and getting the whole beer gun system down was also really difficult because no one had ever done that before. Working out the kinks in that system was hard.

How's business been so far?
It's good so far.

Any future plans for the business?
We're always trying to find what our customers want, and we'll respond to that. We've thought about some places that are much smaller in scale, like just off-site growler sales. I think Oak Cliff would be the perfect place for that, but Oak Cliff actually doesn't allow on- and off-premise; it's all by zone. There are different zones all throughout the city. But, I just like Oak Cliff, and think it would be a good neighborhood for this, but unfortunately we can't do it exactly like this.

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Craft and Growler

3601 Parry Ave., Dallas, TX

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" Who built the system? I designed it, and I have a patent pending on it. David Gill actually built it for us. He's done a lot of great work around the city."

So does this mean he created and patented the beer gun itself or the concept of using the beer gun instead of beer taps?


Stopped in here for the first time today. Got 3 growlers filled. I just popped one and am enjoying it now. Amazingly fresh taste. I'll be coming back. Frequently. 


WOW! I loved this place from the first drink of Deep Ellum Brewing Cos IPA on tap! If you are a fan of fresh, quality beer, you will really love the variety of beers here.

Great place to meet friends and hang, too. Very relaxed atmosphere and nice people.

I hope they stick around for a long time, 'cause I have two new growlers that will need refillin'!


I went there last weekend. Great place, a real plus to have this as an option. The Cedar Creek Pale Ale was better than I thought. So I went back the next day and had my growler refilled.  The guys there were very friendly.


"7 points" brewery is actually Cedar Creek Brewery from Seven Points, TX. And you have Deep Ellum (DEBC) listed twice.

Lone Star is brewed by Miller in Fort Worth, so that's a push.

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