The New Craft and Growler Offers a Whole New Craft Beer Experience

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Patent attorney Kevin Afgani and his wife, Catherine Kinslow, opened Craft and Growler just outside of Fair Park in mid-November. This new spot plays a unique role in the growing North Texas beer culture because it allows Dallasites to buy local beer and take it home to drink. See, only two local breweries bottle beer: Deep Ellum Brewing Co. and Rahr. So, the only way to try most local beer is to go to a bar.

This is how it works: you buy a growler there ($4.99 to $149), bring one you already own or they even offer small plastic ones for free. Then you choose your beer and it is injected straight from their keg gun system (more on that in a minute), after which the growler is sealed shut and ready to take home.


There are also a few other things you need to know. You can stay and sip your beer there if you'd like, perhaps at one of their custom made, refurbished barn tables, or upon bar stools that were fashioned out of old kegs. And while they don't have a kitchen, they've made friends with their new neighbors, The Meridian Room, who delivers from just down the block.

There are 30 kegs on tap and beers are rotated based on season, what's popular or what's new. Currently, 17 beers are from Dallas area breweries, including: DEBC, Lakewood, Four Corners, Peticolas, Deep Ellum, Franconia, Rahr, Revolver, 7 Points and Lone Star (Bock).

Other Texas breweries are: Real Ale, Live Oak, Leperchaun, (512) and No Label.

Recently I sat down with Kevin to chat about Dallas' first growler shop.

What inspired you to open a bar and growler shop?
My wife and I were investors in Deep Ellum Brewing Co., but we had to get rid of those shares because under TABC code you can't own a brewery and run a bar at the same time. But, as investors in DEBC, one of the things that really struck me as odd was that even though we have all these breweries in Dallas, very few of them were packaged in bottles. So, if you wanted to have some at home, you couldn't. The only way to do that was through growlers. It was simply a way to give people local access.

Did you look at what other states were doing?
Yeah, after some research we found that in Colorado and all across the Northwest growler shops are like gas stations. They're all over the place.

TABC code is pretty complicated on how bars and breweries can operate. What permit does a growler shop fall under?
Basically, our permit allows for on and off premise beer and wine sales. It's a BG license. There are actually more than 30 TABC licenses out there. It's not a brewer's license because they aren't allowed to distribute or sell on-premise. Whereas a brewpub can sell on-premise, but they're not allowed to distribute.

When did you decide to do this? Was there a tipping point?
Back in January we took a trip to New Orleans -- I actually lived there for three years. New Orleans has some of the best bars in the world.

New Orleans can be a wonderful experience or it can be the worst thing that ever happened to you.
Yes, it's a love or hate kind of city. I love it though. So, we were on vacation, and we had a lot of time to reflect on things. My experience with Deep Ellum Brewing Company definitely had a lot to do with it, and I felt like we really needed to do something like this. The sense of community a bar can create can be great.

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Craft and Growler

3601 Parry Ave., Dallas, TX

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" Who built the system? I designed it, and I have a patent pending on it. David Gill actually built it for us. He's done a lot of great work around the city."

So does this mean he created and patented the beer gun itself or the concept of using the beer gun instead of beer taps?


Stopped in here for the first time today. Got 3 growlers filled. I just popped one and am enjoying it now. Amazingly fresh taste. I'll be coming back. Frequently. 


WOW! I loved this place from the first drink of Deep Ellum Brewing Cos IPA on tap! If you are a fan of fresh, quality beer, you will really love the variety of beers here.

Great place to meet friends and hang, too. Very relaxed atmosphere and nice people.

I hope they stick around for a long time, 'cause I have two new growlers that will need refillin'!


I went there last weekend. Great place, a real plus to have this as an option. The Cedar Creek Pale Ale was better than I thought. So I went back the next day and had my growler refilled.  The guys there were very friendly.


"7 points" brewery is actually Cedar Creek Brewery from Seven Points, TX. And you have Deep Ellum (DEBC) listed twice.

Lone Star is brewed by Miller in Fort Worth, so that's a push.

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