A Day in the Life of Dallas Food Truck Owners

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How hard is it to keep employees?
Keeping them isn't hard. Finding them is the tough part. We always do a 30-day trial and any time during that period people can come up to us and say, "Hey, thanks for the opportunity, but it's just not for me." With that in mind, the employees that we do have stay around for a while because they truly love the adrenaline rush.

What's the adrenaline rush?
The fast pace of service. Every time we open our doors we know we're going to busy. Sometimes we have people lined-up and waiting.

Another element of working in a food truck is that people are always watching us. That kind of adds to it too.

How is running a restaurant different then a food truck?
You have to manage your time and employees different. You also have to really watch supply and demand; in a food truck you only have a certain amount of space. So, there has to be constant communication on what you do have and don't have.

Also, with brick and mortars, you typically know what your utilities are going to be. With a truck, you have to get gas and propane, which can fluctuate.

Let's say a dear friend tells you they're going to steal some money and start a food truck business. What's your advice?
Don't do it. Stay away. Don't you like to sleep? It's just a different world. Because of the amount of hours we put in, we always joke that it's a young man's game. But, honestly, if someone has to background and think they can do it, then go for it because I'm still a fan of the American dream. But be prepared for you business plan to change day-by-day and hour-by-hour.

What are the three greatest challenges of running a food truck?
1. Location. The food is easy. The location and route are the hard part. You have to be familiar with all legal aspects in Dallas and understand all the health codes and permits. Are there loopholes? Also, if you spend two days at a location where you don't get any business, then you have to rethink everything.
2. Weather. People don't come out in 106 degree weather. And that affects your staffing and food.
3. Time management. It's so hectic you have to find a system that works for you otherwise you'll shut down.

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