The Biggest Restaurant Closings of 2012

So long, Craft.
Time for some more year end reflection. Next week we'll look at the most notable openings, but right now I'm feeling glum. Did you lose one of your favorite restaurants recently? There were a number of notable closures over the past 12 months, some of which were expected and others which were a complete surprise. Here are a few that stick out for me.

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Craft and Ghostbar (pictured above)
The gourmet restaurant and night club were both impressive, but for whatever reason customers didn't spend enough money to keep either open. Craft has reopened as Cook Hall, a self-billed gastropub with a high-end cocktail program. The space that previously held Ghostbar is still closed.


Snack Brussels Sprouts.jpg
Delicious Brussels sprouts couldn't save Snack from getting chomped.
Snack and Horne and Decker
2323 N. Henderson Ave was the site of two closures this year. Horne and Decker tapped out earlier in the year and was eventually replaced by Snack, which kept the ovens warm only for a few months.


Thumbnail image for Comissary burger.jpg
Burger sigh...
The Commissary
This one was a real loss. I dug John Tesar's burgers, even if the service in his restaurant wasn't the best. They had a good wine list too. And combined with the next closure, One Arts Plaza lost a lot of its individuality as a dining destination.


Thumbnail image for Screen Door Mac.jpg
Screen Door
Dave McMillan's upscale take on Southern comfort was a nice addition to the plaza. As good as his execution was, I'd thought Screen Door was mostly successful. This was definitely an unexpected closure.

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It wasn't dallas it was the visitors that closed Nana. Folks come to Texas and want steak. It's what the visitors to the hotel asked for.


" We finally gave up and walked over to Fedora's"

do you wear assless chaps?

_______Top 10 stupid names for a resty:

10) Fedora's9)Hipster's By The lake8)Ink7) Doucher's Palace6 thru 2.....anything else that's trendy that makes a tight shirted, 30 thousand dollar millionaire feel cool and entitled.1) Hey Brah!


Reitz writes, of the Commissary, "...the service in his restaurant wasn't the best."

Whoah, that's a laugh! The one time my wife and I went, we were at a table 15 minutes and nobody even brought us a menu! We finally gave up and walked over to Fedora's, where we had a great time.

Rebecca Solomon
Rebecca Solomon

Horne & Dekker for sure. My friends and I still lament the hole in the brunchiverse it left,almost a year later!

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