The 10 Worst Fast Food Trends of 2012

McDonald's China via Eater
Because nothing's more appetizing than obsidian and tooth-colored food
If civilization does collapse on Friday, December 21, 2012, which is the day the Mayans were all like Hey guys! Earth's gonna explode in a fiery saucer of flames and stuff!, then any remaining future humans (or any aliens stopping on the burnt husk of Earth to take a leak) will be able to read the signs that predicted the end: the ridiculous fast food trends of 2012.

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In 2010, we got such gems as the KFC Double Down, and in 2011 Taco Bell decided go ahead and test the taco with the shell made of Doritos. Well, sweet fancy Moses 2012, you really stepped it up this year. You are the galloping, burning-horse-of-a-year that saw a Hobbit-themed Denny's menu, a Pizza Hut presidential debate challenge and a mothafuckin' fast food burger with pumpkin.

If this is to be the final few weeks of our lives here on Earth, one certainly can't argue fast food didn't go out with a bang. For now, we're pointing our finger at you, This Year. Here are the most insane, over-the-top conceptual abominations and trends of 2012:

Via Eater
10. The Deep Fried McRib
Clearly, something was missing from the original McRib sandwich. "Oh, I know," McDonald's Austria shouted, "let's deep fry it!" And that's what McDonald's Austria did. And added to the evil: bacon and cheese. Pretty sure this was warned against on some ancient scrolls. Also? It was named "McRibster."

Wendy's Japan Facebook
9. The Absurdly Gourmet Fast Food Burger
Not to be outdone by restaurants that serve actual food, Wendy's Japan added a burger with lobster. Then, they topped it with caviar and made it $16 (U.S.). And that was after slapping foie gras on their notably square burgers and continuing the running marketing strategy: Why the hell not, right?

8. The Jack in the Box Waffle Breakfast Sandwich
This one seems pretty harmless in the face of dyed buns and fried McRibs, but it's a perfect example of annoying growing trend: the Let's Swap Out the Bun for Food That's Already a Meal. The above sandwich is a new release from Jack in the Box, which is egg, cheese and sausage between "two lightly sweetened maple waffles." This sandwich, by the way, has 268 mg of cholesterol. For breakfast.

Pizza Hut Facebook
7. The Pizza Hut Overstuffed Pizza
Why did they overstuff it? Why couldn't they just normal stuff it? Third question: Why do we have to stuff our food with more, other foods?

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You forgot Burger King's ice cream with strips of beacon in it. Eww and they are still selling it.


I don't see how most of these things are trends, aside from the stuffed pizza and the waffle breakfast sandwich. It's not like either of those things are super new, though.

Tim Smathers
Tim Smathers

And don't forget to put a fried egg on top of it!


Nick, you and I and everybody in the world knows that you would eat the shit out of a "Dark Vador" burger. Kindly stop fronting. 

Ooh, also, what about a Yoda burger with a green bun? Avocado, maybe? Or just leave it out for a few weeks? 

Ihatetoast Katy
Ihatetoast Katy

they're advertising the return of the double down on tv here (australia).

primi_timpano topcommenter

Has there ever been a good fast food trend?

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

Dear God!  Please deliver us from wretched, horrible, disgusting pizza in 2013!


@BrandonAKrueger Maybe not the lobster. I'd prob just take the lobster out and eat it alone. Then again, fast, not-fried seafood scares me.


@BrandonAKrueger I'd be sick for days after eating any of those. I do however love the terms, Taco Hell and "fancy ass pork pizza"!


@BrandonAKrueger Haha! I must know, which of those do you think are awesome. (cc @cityofate)

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

I cannot fathom the hot-dog stuffed crust pizza. If I want a hot-dog, I'll eat a hot-dog.

Why would someone want a hot-dog shoe-horned into a pizza?


How about spinach? Works for green tinted pasta.

kplo moderator communitymanager

@Mark Rosenzweig I don't understand how I could've missed that one myself.

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

@nick.rallo @TheCredibleHulk 

Having given this a bit more thought, I'm guessing the pizza trends that I find repugnant might seem delightful to someone in the 7-14 year old pizza-eating demographic. Which, I suppose, is who most of these "novelty" pizzas end up feeding.

Which in turn explains why Pizza Gut and their ilk have not received a dime from me in, oh, say 30ish years.

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