St. Arnold Brewery Is Soothing Cows with Booze

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Not funny beer cow picture.JPG
Who knew cows liked beer? A Wallis, Texas, rancher is turning heads with the announcement of his partnership with St. Arnold Brewery. Gene Terry has been feeding his wagyu cattle a hoppy IPA brewed by the Texas-based brewery.

Sadly, the cows aren't bonging the beer, which would have resulted in a much better picture for this blog post, but they are consuming the brew after it's mixed with hay according to to CBS and other sources.

The partnership started after St. Arnold donated some some Endeavour, a double India Pale Ale, they needed to ditch to the ranch. They'd herd (ha!) Terry was boozing up the pedigreed cattle according to Japanese tradition and some excess suds were going stale. Now they're supplying the the farm with beer on a regular basis.

Bovines and beer.

Looks like cow tipping in Wallis just got a little easier.

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Amie Selecman
Amie Selecman

My dad raised Springer Spaniels and when the timing wasn't right, he'd had to separate them. Beauregard got so upset being away from Magnolia that he gave Beau to calm him down - worked like a charm!!

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