The Avengers Should Have Gone to Qariah on Greenville for a Shawarma Sandwich

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Lori Bandi
Imagine this in a sandwich
I've had a good time watching Qariah come into its own as a lower Greenvile Avenue restaurant over the past two months. When I first dropped in, my service was polite, but terribly inept. Over my visits for this week's review, it slowly got better. The bread became more consistent, and the dining room slowly started to fill with more customers on each visit.

When you walk in the front door take notice of the tiny shawarma cones spinning behind the counter. They're made by hand from meat that's marinated overnight and they're significantly better than the processed ones you'll find at most Middle Eastern restaurants. The kebabs turning on the grill are even better.

The bread for the shawarma sandwiches isn't baked at the restaurant, like the pita loaves that come in baskets to every table, but it's still fresh and pliable. My only gripe is that you can't get a sandwich at lunch time. They only serve the buffet during the day.

Thankfully it's a great buffet filled with hummus, tabbouleh, kebab from the grill, a number of stews, and all the bread you can eat. You may not be able to order a shawarma sandwich during the day, but they can't stop you from making your own.

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Qariah Restaurant

1811 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX

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Thanks for your review on this place Scott.  Based on your post I tried Qariah for lunch the other day.

I was duly impressed - for the price point.  The buffet was nicely presented.  Alot of choices and everything was nicely seasoned.  A lot of variety and flavors for the palate to chose from.  The wait staff could not have been more accommodating...It goes without saying that the food is the centerpiece, but when I assess a restaurant, it is the little things that I notice and endear (or not) me to an establishment.  That said, here are some non food observations.

- the silverware is nice - large and heavy. The kind you would get in finer restaurants.

- the paper napkins are of thick ply, large, hefty, and very welcomed.

- the seating is comfortable; but the space seems cold and over sized.

- the people (workers) care about what they are providing.  I noticed a pride in their step and attitude   I think they are on a mission to convince dallas that Lebanese food is great.

-I requested hot tea.  They brought me out a very nicely brewed individual pot along with sliced lemons nicely presented on separate plate.  No hot water poured over tea bag in cup.

- places settings are white.  they had a nice look and feel. Appropriate weight and heft that they felt high quality.  Sadly, no place mates, so you are dining on bare table tops.  Simple paper placemats would much improve the dining IMO.

- parking is great. covered and available.

Overall a great choice.  I hope they stay opened for lunches.  I was there late and the only patron.  This is a very large space and I hope they can make it work (financially).

Thanks for recommending Qariah !  It's another great option in East Dallas.

PS:  The grilled chicken, chicken curry, and fried cauliflower were wonderful.  Nice.  And if you love carrots, Qariah has several dishes in which this vegetable is stellar.


I want to add that I think Qariah makes every attempt to present a quality meal. As much as can be done for the price point.  I don't know what their sourcing is but it seems to be superior to other restaurants in the same price range.  My opinion of course.  I would like yours.

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