Pizza Hut Offers Fans a Chance to Shame Friends and Family for Free Pie

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Would you throw Grandma under the bus for a slice of meat lover's pie? What about your Aunt Tilly? Pizza Hut is asking customers to do just that with a recent promotion that offers gift cards to those who feel they got the shaft this Christmas.

The promotion offered a $10 gift card to the first 100 people who tweeted a picture of that shitty sweater they got this year. The hash tag #pizzahutexchange instantly lit up with ungrateful bastards posting pictures that shame their relatives for the chance to eat some bad pie. The thread was closed this morning.

Socks seems to be a common theme in the parody exchange program. A Fleetwood Mac CD, and a bottle of lotion made an appearance as well. Come to think of it, if you bought someone you care about socks for Christmas, you probably deserve to be shamed.

I'm starting to feel pretty bad about the time I bought my mother earrings at Claire's Boutique when I was 7.

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and Pizza Hut keeps throwing out shameless stunts for the gullible press. don't fall for any of that Scott.

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