Pizza Hut Pizza-Scented Perfume Should Probably Come With A Warning Label

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Pizza Hut
Silly Canucks. The Canadian offshoot of Dallas-based Pizza Hut turned what was originally intended as a marketing joke into reality -- they've created Pizza Hut pizza-scented perfume.

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Their Facebook page details the fiasco. A post asking what Facebook fans would call peperoni-scented perfume, eventually led the the procurement of 110 bottles that have now been shipped out to unsuspecting victims.

I feel for the recipients.

The perfume reminds me of a certain Eau de Que, barbecue-flavored perfume I was unlucky enough to stumble upon when I moved into my space at the Observer. Curiosity got the better or me and I sprayed a dash or two on my wrists before walking around the office.

I made no friends that day.

In fact the stench was impossible to remove. The plasticine scent of cheap, liquid smoke clung to my skin and no amount of scrubbing would remove it. If this Pizza Hut perfume is anything like other novelty scents, I'd stick to admiring the gag from a distance, and for the love of all things olfactory, keep the bottle sealed shut.

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TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

Keep faaaaar away from Cleaver with that Eau-de-Que.

Just saying...

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