Our Nine Favorite National Food Days of the Year, Including Doughnuts, Pizza, Beer and Fluffernutters


5. National Fluffernutter Day
Fluffernutter is the funnest word of the year, every year. Just saying it has proven to increase your mood by ten points. Try it. See? Better already, huh? Also, a lot of people name their cats Fluffernutter. No matter what these obscene sandwiches may taste like, plan ahead for your very own celebration of Fluffernutter Day in 2013. Warning: fluffernutter aficionados don't play. They take their craft quite seriously.

6. Not National Tater Tot Day
This is the day it all came crumbling down. Thanks, Scott Reitz. Turns out, most National Whatever Food Days are simply marketing scams aimed at gullible consumers to spend money on certain products. We've all been bamboozled!

7. National Tequila Day
Well, we can't really remember what we did this day. This old post is as far as we got. But, I can certainly tell you my plans for next year will involve Patron Café. Have you tried it? Remember, you don't need a naitonal holiday.

8. National TV Dinner Day
El Charrito frozen Mexican dinners are EPIC. In terms of dinner for about two dollars, planet Earth simply hath no equal. The Saltillo dinner is probably the standard. Sara Blankenship looked at the five worst TV dinners (and, obviously, El Charrito was not included in that list).

9. National Pie Day
Don't let life sneak up on you and one day you're staring out a window at a calm lake, watching a brilliant poached sun fade into wispy clouds and ask yourself, "Why don't I eat more pie?" Then Jason Bourne slams through your window and takes you out with a tasting spoon. Pow! No more pie! The lesson here? Eat pie. Here are five places to make it happen, and add to that the new Emporium Pies in the Bishop Arts District. (Fade out with creepy end-of-movie Bourne music.)

And for good measure, today (December 28) is National Chocolate Candy Day - as well as National Card Playing Day. Saturday, December 29, is National Pepper Pot Day. And Sunday is National Bicarbonate of Soda Day (aka, baking soda). I wouldn't tease.

Best uses of baking soda, in the comments, go!

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