Our Nine Favorite National Food Days of the Year, Including Doughnuts, Pizza, Beer and Fluffernutters

Hypnotic Donuts Billboard Crop.jpg
1. National Doughnut Day
With Hypnotic Doughnut's new advertising campaign, every day is doughnut day for the north side window seats at the Observer offices. Constantly gazing at this sign has proven... well, nothing really. Just that we pity the fools on low-carb diets. Back in June of this year, Alice Laussade had a fascinating chat with James St. Peter of Hypnotic Donuts that included topics like 50 Shades of Glaze, and a brisket-topped doughnut. On that note, Sir St. Peter, you said you were in talks with Lockhart! What happened? Doughnut day 2013?


2. National Ice Cream Day
We can thank President Ronald Reagan for this official day of cold treats. The third Sunday of July will always be a day where you can grab a scoop or three for ol' Dutch. We offered up six great local places to cool your heels.

3. National Drink Beer Day
Sure, we could have bulldozed through the city with a list of 100 great dives, hangouts, patios, barns, warehouses or whatever to grab a beer (local craft, of course). But, instead, Scott Reitz reminisced on the epic party ball. Where did the good times go?

4. National Cheese Pizza Day
We know: "Isn't everyday a cheese pizza day?" Of course it is. Use this slide show for inspiration.

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@Twinwillow  Every day but Mondays since Bobo China is usually closed on Monday?


When is National Chinese Food Day?

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