My Top 10 Food Memories of 2012

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Austin Uchi Lemon Sorbet.jpg
Another year has almost passed and I've yet to die of burger poisoning. And as the final weeks of the year play out, it's always fun to look back at the meals that still remain vivid in my memory. This year a few were encountered outside of Dallas and two were even meals I made in my home with the help of local Dallas businesses. Here are my most memorable dining experiences of 2012, provided I don't encounter anything beautiful in the next few weeks.

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Dining at Uchi in Austin (pictured above)
Uchi is one of the most hyped restaurants in Austin for good reason. While buying ultra-fresh fish is easy for anyone with the resources, turning those ingredients into a memorable meal takes considerable skill. Nearly everything I at at Uchi was a work of art, including this lemony pistachio dish I ordered for dessert. One of my biggest regrets of the year was not ordering omakase while I dined there.


Oyster Shuckin' 012.jpg
Shucking my own oysters from TJ's Seafood
Now that a second TJ's Seafood is open and buying your own oysters to shuck at home is even easier. The move will save you money, and it's also a lot of fun.

This cool spring evening was one of the nicest nights I've spent alone at home in a while. Out on my balcony, with an oyster knife in hand and my wonder mutt at my feet, I didn't have to rely on a popular chef to lift my spirits -- all I needed were my well-honed shucking skills. Some ice-cold Lawnmower beer didn't hurt my mood either.


Jimmy's Italian Beef.jpg
The car accident at Jimmy's
Remember when that poor old lady drove her car right through the front of Jimmy's? I got over there as quick as I could, but the car was already removed, and a pair of carpenters had started boarding up the gaping hole. My picture opportunity squandered, I could think of only one consolation: an Italian beef with plenty of hot peppers.


Oak Crudo 2.jpg
Oak's phantom pork chop
I ordered the chop while sitting at the bar, and when I listened to my notes the next day I'd talked at length about the big hunk of pork. The dish captured a time and place in a way that was transformative. My dining companion and myself were whisked away to rural Tennessee and our spirits were lifted. Unfortunately the dish was a special that wasn't offered when our photographer visited the restaurant. I never encountered the pork chop again.

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Six of us had brunch at Mughlai last Sunday. Great food! 

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