III Forks and Teavana Open at DFW Airport, Plus a New Cowboys PINK Store and Village for Your "Visit"

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If you find yourself in the soul-sucking portal of travel delays and cancellations at DFW Airport soon, well, happy holidays! While you channel Steve Martin in Planes, Trains and Automobiles, you can now have a spot o' tea at the new tea emporium Teavana, located in Terminal A.

If you're feeling a bit more indulgent, there's also a new III Forks Steakhouse in Terminal D, where you can feast on steak and seafood fare. How 'bout them bears?

Both of these spots are already opened. Jeff Fegan, CEO of DFW International Airport, said they brought in Teavana to meet travelers' requests for "creative and healthy options," and will offer a selection of "high-quality teas, tea merchandise and tea sampling."

This also means that if you need to pick up a gift, a nice tea set is now available at the airport. See, I'm always thinking about how to procrastinate on shopping until the absolute very last minute. You're welcome.

And, III Forks. Well, it's kind of sad to have a hearty steak at the airport. But, I suppose it could be a nice escape. Or something.

In other airport news, there's also a newly relocated Cantina Laredo in Terminal D. And, possibly most exciting, a Dallas Cowboys For Her store near Gate D10 which "features a full line of licensed apparel and accessories by Dallas Cowboys and PINK for female fans."

Next week, a Qdoba Mexican Grill opens, soon followed by the first Dallas-area outpost of Salt Lick Bar-B-Que out of Austin at Gate A16, which is all part of a new "village-like space" in Terminal A.

Funny how a "village" is where people live. See, they really are trying to trap you. But, at least you can get a nice steak, a hot cup of tea and clean unmentionables now.

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Gah Teavana is such a freakin rip

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

I will be making a trip through DFW this weekend and Im sure its going to be the beat down from hell.  Travelling at Xmas as an airline employee is shitty enough, but now Im dragging a 7 month old along for the ride.  I will probably sit in a corner and hope no one looks at me for I will be the one with the obnoxious whining crying kid who pisses all the other adults off.  Please no one throw pretzles at me, mkay thanks

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