Holiday Gift Idea: A Craft Beer Mixed Six

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A few shelves of singles at Lone Star Beverages.

One thing to keep in mind is that a lot of local beers aren't bottled (yet). A few local brewers have recently learned (see Lakewood and Deep Ellum) that bottling lines can be quite ornery. Sure, Lavern and Shirley made it look so easy. But, that was Hollywood -- or Milwaukee.

As of now, Deep Ellum Brewing Co. and Rahr are the only local beers in bottles.

However, that's where Craft and Growler comes in. This first-of-its-kind to the Dallas area is a local craft beer filling station, which you can actually take home.

Now, if you don't have a beer aficionado on your list that would appreciate an assorted six-pack of craft beer as much as you would, then I'm giving you permission right now to go buy yourself a present to put under the tree. One condition, you have to wait until the 25th to open it. Or give it to someone who hates beer, so you get it by default. Sort of like my friend who gave her husband a vacuum cleaner and he, in turn, gave her a table saw the next year. It's a win-win. For you and craft beer.

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TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

Always the right size, always the right color.


Go to one of the Majestic, Big Daddy's, or Centennial Liquor stores...they're selling ALL their stuff cheap.They're out of most of the liquor, but there is a ton of beer. I did find a bottle of Jameson for $18.


@Nictacular I would load up on some Rahr Winter Warmer if any of those stores actually carried it.

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