Holiday Gift Idea: A Craft Beer Mixed Six

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A mixed six pack from The Bottle Shop.

On Wednesday the Beer Institute announced that the number of permitted breweries in the U.S. has reached an all-time high of 2,751, up from 2,309 in 2011. Not that we needed a stat to validate this craft beer resurgence, but it's reassuring nonetheless. "Resurgence", you say? Yes, our forefathers were all about local beer. The brewery record we just broke was originally set in 1887.

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You know what that means, right? Picking a beer will continue to be fraught with anxiety. But, the holidays present a golden opportunity to work through this predicament.

Quite a few local stores offer an abundant craft beer selection, like Lone Star Beverages, The Bottle Shop, Central Market, Whole Foods and Sigel's. A little off the beaten path, Hall's in Colleyville gets some good reviews, as does Mr. G's in Plano (although they got bought out by Spec's earlier this year, so not sure of the status of things). And Dr. Jeckyll's Beer Lab in Pantego has been quietly growing their craft beer following for years now. And, of course, there's the empire known as Spec's.

What's great is that most of these shops, with the exception of Hall's, allow customers to create their own mixed six packs from a (sometimes large) selection of single bottles. The clear upside being that customers can try six different beers before committing to an entire six pack.

Rick Ali, owner of Lone Star Beverages in Carrollton, has more than 1,500 different beers in stock that run the gamut and admits it can be daunting. "We have so many different beers to choose from," he says, "and sometimes you just don't know what the hell to get."

Fortunately, Ali and his staff help customers work through the choices and even have "shelf talkers" that give customers pointers. In fact, most craft beer stores have helpful employees -- if they don't, well, you make your decisions on where to shop. Every place should have helpful, knowledgeable employees.

Prices vary based on the beer, but you can definitely get a great mixed six-pack for around $10.

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TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

Always the right size, always the right color.


Go to one of the Majestic, Big Daddy's, or Centennial Liquor stores...they're selling ALL their stuff cheap.They're out of most of the liquor, but there is a ton of beer. I did find a bottle of Jameson for $18.


@Nictacular I would load up on some Rahr Winter Warmer if any of those stores actually carried it.

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