Cowtown Gets a 15-Passenger Beer Bike and Our Jealousy Burns Slightly More Than Our Legs Will

Cowtown Cycle Pub
Remember this? The beer bike that was banned in Germany because of all the ruckus it caused on the roadway? We can't imagine how 15 drunk people pedaling a bike through a busy city could possibly be a distraction, but we honestly wanted to find out for ourselves.

Well, our neighbor to the west has just done that. Thrillist Sarah Blaskovich with Pegasus News reported earlier this week that the Cowtown Cycle Pub is now up and pedaling. According to the website, groups of up to 15 people can rent the bike (yes, there's just one for now) for a two-hour tour through downtown Fort Worth. They provide the driver and the bike is propelled by riders, who are free to stay properly hydrated in BYOB fashion, which excludes glass containers and hard liquor. That would leave beer, or you could just bring water or cucumber limon Gatorade. The company itself does not sell or serve alcohol.

And, tricky part here, according to the FAQ page, "You must be on the bike to consume alcohol -- no stepping off with a drink." I'm sure lots of booing is involved for errant riders/drinkers.

The Cowtown Cycle Pub "World Headquarters" is located on Calhoun Street in downtown, between 8th and 9th streets. Tours are determined by each group, but typical stops include historical sights, "cool architecture," dessert destinations and bars.

The bike is decked out with speakers and riders can pick a spot on the AM/FM radio, provide a CD or bring their own tunes for the iPod jack.

A Cycle Pub tour costs $320 for a two-hours, Monday through Thursday and $380 Friday through Sunday, which (the latter) breaks down to $25 per person if there are 15 people. Considering it's BYOB for two hours, that's not a bad deal. Plus, it's a workout.

If this just moved up to the top of your holiday list, but 1) you're new to town and have no friends or 2) all your friends are weak and fear riding a bike for two hours, then check into the "Make New Friends Mixer." It's $25 a seat.

A curtsey and bow, Cowtown. You done well.

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They're pretty fun. Yes, Dallas needs to have this.


Leave it up to the Germans to manufacture such a pragmatic device! Beer, cycling, cycling while drinking beer to go drink more beer? Let's use the power from within to make this happen.

I've been on one of these before. It's quite fun, but you just wind up stopping and drinking after a while.


Looks like only 12 pedaling seats.  I don't want to carry around 3 freeloaders!

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

They git er dun over there in the town of the cow.  Dallas would find some way to not allow one of these in the city limits

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

@obscuriosity "The Cycle Pub carries up to 16 people including our driver. There are 5 pedaling seats on each side and one non-pedaling seat over the wheel wheels. There is also a bench on the back that seats three. We recommend a minimum of 8 people to rent the Cycle Pub. The maximum is you and your 14 BFFs."

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