Jack Mac's Swill & Grill In North Dallas Offers One Spicy Meatball

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Jack's Swill and Grill Spicy Meatballs.jpg
Moroccan style meatballs with goat cheese
Jack Mac's Swill and Grill opened earlier this year in North Dallas, promising an American pub menu and Texas beer, after sliding into a spot in a suburban complex that used to house an Italian restaurant. The menu incorporates run-of-the-mill bar fare with a few elevated and interesting dishes mixed in.

For instance those meatballs pictured above feature robust curry flavor. They're stained yellow with turmeric inside, pack significant heat and taste delicious. The meatballs are finished with a blanket of mild tomato sauce that's subtly sweet and a crumble of tangy goat cheese. If you're here drinking a beer they may be the best thing to eat.

The other menu items I ordered on a single visit weren't as impressive. My turkey burger was dry and bland, and the brisket panini also needed salt. The mac and cheese I chose as one side was plenty salty but the pasta absolutely swam in a viscous sea of runny sauce. And while it's nice to see sunchokes on a bar food menu with greens, the vegetable of the day didn't come together. It would have been nice to see oven-roasted sunchokes stand on their own, instead.

Another thing I do like about the bar, though, is the drink menu, which pays special attention to local beers, wines and spirits. All of my Dallas favorites including Lakewood Brewing and Peticolas are represented, and they carry wine and booze from a number of local Texas wineries and distilleries.

Jack's Swill and Grill Turkey Burger.jpg
Sunchokes for bar food.

Jack's Swill and Grill Brisket and Cheese.jpg
Brisket and cheese panini

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Jack Mac's Swill & Grill

19009 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX

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I would have to disagree with the comment about the Mac N Cheese. I think it is currently the best I have tasted in Dallas. I love it. The service is amazing. The Pizza is to die for. Try some other things. I've brought several different dishes and have had quite a few others try the establishment and love it. So see for yourself if you live in the area.

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