Lakewood Brewing Company Puts Bottles of Beer on the Wall

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Lakewood Brewing Company
The Lakewood Brewing Company has wrangled their bottling line and will deliver the first bottles of The Temptress Stout and Lakewood Lager to three local Sigel stores this Wednesday afternoon. The beers will be available in cases of 12 ounce-bottles.

Update: Looks like it's six-packs of lager ($9.99) and four-packs of the Temptress ($10.99).

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The Temptress is an imperial milk stout with a 9.1 percent ABV and will cure your sweet tooth. From LBC: "It pours with a thick milk chocolate head. Chocolate and caramel malt give it a complex and rich body. Lower carbonation gives the beer a silky mouth feel. She's voluptuous and will sneak up on you with soft alcohol warmth."

The Vienna Style Lakewood Lager has a 4.6 percent ABV: "This amber lager starts with a subtle caramel aroma. The coppery hue draws you into its balanced flavor of light malty sweetness and round noble hop bitterness. It finishes dry and clean."

On Wednesday cases of these two beers will first be available at the Sigel's at 5757 Greenville Ave., 3209 N. Fitzhugh Ave. and 2800 Routh St.

In more news from Lakewood Brewing Co., this Saturday during their brewery tour from noon to 3 p.m. they'll offer the first samples of bourbon barrel-aged Temptress, which has been snoozing since September. The $10 cover includes a limited edition Bourbon Barrel Temptress souvenir snifter, a holiday jazz quartet, nibs from Yellow Belly food truck, a a visit from Santa.

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I think it goes without sayin', but I'm just so damn glad, thankful, happy and so on that we finally have some good breweries here in Dallas. About damn time. They're also producing some very quality beers as well. It's only icing on the cake.


ScottsMerkin topcommenter

a case of 9.1 ABV Milk stout, Ill be hammerd for a week


@ScottsMerkin Scratch that. I just got an update. It's six-packs of the lager for $9.99 and four-packs of the Temptress for $10.99. 

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

@danielslaurenOk, I feel better now that I wont have to be on a week long binge to finish off a case, although I had next week pegged as the week try considering  I have the whole week off.  Thanks for the update LDD

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