Beaver Nuggets the Debate: Overrated Cereal or Real Pieces of Beaver?

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The supermarket of gas stations, Buc-Ee's, recently opened their newest and largest store half an hour east of Austin in Bastrop. As I've advised before, if all hell breaks loose, try to make it to a Buc-Ee's because you could live there for weeks. I find it fascinating that one could do all of their holiday shopping, plus buy a year's supply of beef jerky and a Willie Nelson shirt and nap in the restrooms all at one spot. And, last week gas was $2.79 a gallon.

So, I bought some Beaver Nuggets at Buc-Ee's because of the cult-like following. I've read some friends' posts lately about if they don't get a Beaver Nuggets fix soon their head will implode. There are a gazillion bags at each store, which makes me wonder if they have a hoarding problem and are attempting to minimize it with all their other crap? Or if they really plan on selling all those nuggets in a timely manner? (Corporate Buc-Ee's didn't respond to that particular inquiry.)

The verdict is Beaver Nuggets taste like Corn Pops covered in a caramel glaze. And judging by a quick look at the nutrition labels side-by-side, they are essential the same thing: milled corn, sugar and other weird sweeteners. This is all neither good nor bad, just an observation.

As a snack, they could be fine, but nothing I'd stock up on or personally waste many calories on. After a quick offering around the office, Scott Reitz wanted a bowl of milk to go with them. The general consensus was cereal, although one random guy insisted they taste like chopped up pieces of beaver.

Maybe all the hype created unrealistic expectations. Or maybe I hoped the bag of beaver would actually introduce a new spectrum in wild animal snacking. No such luck though. Get as mad as you want, but they just taste like cereal. I think people who buy in wholesale quantities are entertained by the funny name. A sincere tip o' the hat to all the savvy marketing (and sparkling clean bathrooms) that is Buc-Ee's.

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They taste like cereal- if your cereal is sweeter than caramel popcorn. These make Cap'n Crunch seem like health food. I love the texture, which is crunchy on the outside with a center that melts on the tongue, and especially like the slightly malt flavor. They are yummy as a snack with a cup of creamy unsweetened coffee.


thank you. rumor was they were cured beaver testis.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

Can we get a buc-ees up here please.  Im tired of seeing billboards for a place I cant go without driving a few hours out of town.  Do they sell burritos and if so how do they compare to an Allsups burrito?


LDD - Do you ever stop at Cartwright's BBQ in Bastrop?  A very respectable Q stop.

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter


Careful what you wish for. I've got friends from points north that are constantly bombarded with Sonic ads but have no Sonic restaurants anywhere near them. It never fails that when they come to visit, they want to go try out a foot-long chilly-dog or whatever they are currently hawking, and I have to either talk them out of it or actually visit a Sonic with them so that they can experience that particular non-experience for themselves.

Having visited a Buccee's, I can verify that you are missing exactly nothing.

(One caveat: the bathrooms are remarkably well maintained - so - there's that...)

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

@TheCredibleHulk Ive found a gas station north of Oklahoma City that I find has a remarkable restrooms, they are perfect for my road trips to Kansas bc, I usually leave by 6 am, and so when I hit North OKC, it perfect timing for my morning dump.  I could sleep in those things

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