Bacon Drunk in 2012, the Full Review. Plus, Amazingly, Bacon.

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Burger King Bacon Sundae.jpg
Scott Reitz

Bacon Sundaes
Denny's started the trend with a bacon sundae back in 2011, and Burger King followed suit with a bacon dessert. Scott opined after ordering the first one at the Mockingbird Lane location, "I thought I'd save the rest to dump on a hot sidewalk for an artistic melted ice cream shot, but a funny thing happened instead: I ate it."

Bacon Burgers at Boulevardier
After Smoke got a nod from Food And Wine for their bacon burger, Scott swooned about Boulevardier's: "Crisp bacon that cracks like glass and melts away in a haze of salt and smoke tops not beef, but Beef."

Bacon Taco Shells
Nick Rallo called a totally heads-up play when a bacon taco shell made an appearance on Reddit Food. It just proves our point that shame has gone home and locked the door -- the deadbolt and the chain.

Screw the Fiscal Cliff. Let's Create A Bacon Economy!
Comedian Josh Sankey attempted a cross-country bacon barter. Loaded with 3,000 pounds of Oscar Mayer bacon, Sankey traded bricks of bacon for gas, lodging and Jets tickets.

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@Dallas_Observer Bacon better not be dead as I am working on a bacon themed cookbook for 2013. ;) #BaconIsTimeless

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