Bacon Drunk in 2012, the Full Review. Plus, Amazingly, Bacon.

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Bacon Cinnamon Rolls at the State Fair
Yum. Cinnamon rolls with bacon. Go ahead and slap your head again. I know. Why didn't we think of this sooner?

Chicken-Fried Bacon
The State Fair is really all about fried food. I mean, no one goes to the fair with their Weight Watchers card in their back pocket, right? So, bacon dredged in flour then deep fried is only part of the natural progression of things.

Wait for it ... wait for it ... Bacon Beer!
You serious, Clark? (Of course he is. Clark never teases about bacon.)

A Baconocalypse (Plus a Brilliant Solution)
See, it all has to do with the rising price of grain. It cost more to raise a pig than a farmer can make off a porker at market. Thus, a conundrum ensued. We assume it's all been worked out (higher prices at market?) considering all the bacon we continue to eat. Regardless, we had a brilliant solution for this supposed news cycle problem. You're welcome.

Bacon Scandals
Scott Reitz was all like "Pfft! Whatevs." It's all a scam, you bacon fools.

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@Dallas_Observer Bacon better not be dead as I am working on a bacon themed cookbook for 2013. ;) #BaconIsTimeless

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