Babb Brothers BBQ & Blues Is Serving 'Cue Just West of the Fancy-Pants Bridge

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Three-meat combo plate with turkey, sausage and ribs
Babb Brothers BBQ & Blues opened two weeks ago as the first restaurant in the new Trinity Groves project, which hopes to one day energize the area just west of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. Investors Phil Romano, Stuart Fitts and Butch McGregor plucked cook Mike Babb out of the catering business and gave him a shot at running his own place.

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The restaurant is brightly designed and decorated, with guitars, corona buckets and flat-screen TVs providing some splash. A large patio area has at least 20 wooden picnic tables and a very small stage set up in the far corner -- Babb likes to croon on occasion. Inside, the red checkered tablecloths and long tables give it a feel of a barbecue joint that's been around for years.

Three sides: creamed corn, Daisy's cheesy potatoes, collard greens

The service is friendly and heads up. The staff anticipates problems or needs -- for instance, the sliced beef sandwich comes topped with a blue cheese cole slaw, but they ask customers if they prefer it on the side before they build the sandwich. I had kids with me and they offered extra plates and bread. When we were sitting outside, someone came out to check on us.

We ordered a three-meat plate that came with two big sides all for $12, which is enough food for two adults. The sliced brisket sandwich is also two meals. Romano is surely pulling some of his bread for the sandwiches from Eatzi's -- the meat sandwich comes with a ciabatta-type bun.


Two weeks into things, Babb's is humming along great. The vibe here is easygoing, definitely family-friendly and potentially a good spot to hang with friends. It'll be interesting to see how the entire area settles into the overall Dallas dining scene, particularly with such discerning palates for good barbecue.



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Babb Bros BBQ & Blues

330 Bedford St., Dallas, TX

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I'll give it a crack before new year I guess


not sure about the mixed reviews, but this is what i read COA for. to see what's new and happening in areas like Trinity Grove. i don't really have time for the Tesar updates.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

was the sausage spicy or just sausage?  Saw it the other day driving over the bridge and wondered when Gavin will grace us with his review.  Ill try it based on your review but @Twinwillow rips it so I wont get to high of hopes


Ate there with friends last week. Terrible BBQ! "Moist" brisket was dry, stringy and flavorless.

The pork ribs were also so dry and tasteless, we left them on the plate. Nothing had any smoke flavor.

And the greens were so saturated with vinegar, they were totally inedible.

They have a loooooooong way to go before we ever return.

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter


Yeah. Had to wonder after the first blurb about this when Romano was raving about the BBQ sauce.

Personally, the sauce is the last thing to get excited about when considering the quality of a BBQ joint. What good is a great sauce on a mediocre or sub-par hunk of meat.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

@danielslauren @Twinwillow If I want a spicy cheddar sausage, what would you recommend,  one place to go eat it, and a sausage shop to buy it to cook at home?


@ScottsMerkin @danielslauren  I prefer to save eating BBQ sausage for when I'm in Central Texas. It's the best there because most places make their OWN sausage.

I love the (plain) sausage at Louie Mueller, Smitty's, and, Luling City Market. They're my favorites.

Btw, the BBQ beans at Smitty's are the best in the world!

There is some good Central Texas BBQ sausage at Central Market. Just pass the seafood on the same side.


@ScottsMerkin @danielslauren @Twinwillow Moi? Umkay. Moment of honesty: I grew up in Smithville eating Zimmerhanzel's bbq and am really partial to it (and only it). With the strong Czech and German influences in central Texas, I grew accustomed to that style/flavor and when I moved up here, never really liked 'cue. So, I hardly ever eat it or buy it. But, when I go home, I'll stand in the line no matter how long it is.  

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