A Reader's Christmas Wish for the Dallas Dining Scene

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Nammi has a big-ass banh mi, perfect for sharing, but sadly, no pho.
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An email I received last week has me in a Christmas funk. A reader wrote to me like I'm Santa Claus, hoping I could fulfill her Christmas wish.

SUBJECT: For Christmas, I want a Pho and Bahn Mi combo

LETTER: Scott, do you know of any places in Dallas that do such a genius thing? I saw one from a Houston food truck on Foursquare, brilliant. Most girls can't finish a big bowl of Pho so why not make it smaller and throw it with a 4" Bahn Mi? Houston, we have a problem here!

Sorry, Missmaei. There is no pho and bahn mi combo served from a food truck here in Dallas. Your best bet is to find a lunch friend and split two small bowls of pho and a bahn mi out in the suburbs.

If you're downtown you could make your own combo at Malai in the West Village. They offer a bahn mi for $7 during lunch, and a small bowl of pho for $6. You'd need a lunch buddy here as well though, and you won't get any tendon or tripe in your pho, or any pate in that banh mi, either.

Sorry to be such a Grinch.

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Malai Thai Vietnamese Kitchen

3699 McKinney Ave., Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

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Because pho is an entire meal in itself.  Most European/American soups are appetizers.  In Asia, ramen is not an appetizer.   Asian people don't think of it as an appetizer.  It's not listed under appetizers, whereas on American menus, soups are listed under starters. Pho is a comprehensive meal, not comparable to cup of minestrone and half a turkey sandwich.  Stop trying to make Vietnamese food westernized.  

Furthermore, most Vietnamese food is dirt cheap anyway.  Spring for the extra $3 bucks to get your pho and banh mi.  Don't be cheap, Vietnamese restaurants don't charge much.  

No, most girls that I hang with can finish their own bowl of pho. 

Finally, it's spelled BANH Mi.  It's not BAHN mi.  It's not German.


The first time I went to Dalat on Fitzhugh, our server pretty much brought us one of just about everything on the menu, including a half order of pho and half a banh mi for my girlfriend and I. I'm sure that's something a lot of places would accommodate if there's a demand for it. 


B.B.Bop next to Cowboy Chicken on Greenville Avenue has great bahn mi, though they don't call it such. No pho, but the butternut squash curry soup is great.


Pho is for Lovers off Greenville Ave and Lovers Ln (by SMU) does both pho and banh mi!

Very modern and clean atmosphere too, ask for their "child size" pho which will run you about $5.50 and it still comes with a plate full of sprouts and basil and add another $6 for a delicious banh mi! Comes in pork, kbbq, chicken, deli style, or tofu!


Go to Arlington. Pick up a Bahn Mi at Ba Le and Pho at Pho Pasteur. You're set.

scott.reitz moderator

@Lemmon I thought about Pho is for Lovers, but I really don't think their stuff is up to par.

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