Eight Christmas Movie Foods You Should Incorporate Into Your Yuletide Feasting

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That time of year has come again. There's nothing better than going to the closet and dusting off the old Laserdisc collection of Christmas movies. Stories old and new take you to a world where the temperature is less than 60 degrees and of the food is always...memorable. Here's a list of four great and four terrible cinema comestibles:

Roast Beast, Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas (shown above)- As a kid, there was nothing more delicious looking than the gigantic mystery entree, even before it was three-dimensionalized in the 2000 Jim Carrey adaptation. The nebulousness of the animal only magnifies the intrigue, as what appears to be a turkey on the outside is sliced open to reveal an ultra-rare, boneless cut of beefowlambthing. Whatever it is, gimsome.

"A lovely cheese pizza, just for me."

Little Nero's Cheese Pizza, Home Alone - So many great memories are associated with this simple cheese pizza. From the fact that the delivery guy could never avoid steamrolling the little jockey statue in the front yard, to the image of Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) lifting a deliciously stringy slice as "Angels with Filthy Souls" plays in the background. The movie left such an iconic imprint on young Justin that I would pay for everything in cash just so I could say "Keep the change, ya filthy animal."

They better not charge extra for bleu cheese up there.

Angel's Wings, It's a Wonderful Life - While they don't actually eat wings in the 1946 tour de force comedy, it's funny to imagine the angel Clarence getting his giant plate of Buffalo wings as the bell rings at the end of the movie. Sure, the concept of the spicy, saucy wing wouldn't be unleashed on the faces of the American public for another 18 years, but Christmastime is for dreaming and boozing, not chronological fact-checking.


Peking Duck from Chop Suey Palace, A Christmas Story - Despite its innocent milking of an overworked stereotype, the Chinese restaurant scene at the finale of the seminal yuletide flick is a classic drool enducer. We don't get to see the family actually consume the succulent bird, but the thought of that finely crisped skin and juicy flesh makes us want to zip over to a place like Kirin Court to grab the presentation-intensive dish.

And now for the awful.

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I think we're having ham from a can. (The last bit of the Thanksgiving ham got tossed out this week.) Probably with pineapple chunks on it.


I think Dr. Seuss is carving up a turkey (it appears to have legs);  but standing rib roast will be on our dinner table Christmas Day !

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