20 Reasons Why Pinterest Will Kill Your Soul This Holiday Season

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After this, nothing you do will ever be good enough.

If you don't dabble in Pinterest, consider yourself blissfully ignorant. But, let's say you're going to a party and need ideas on how to jazz up your eggnog. Pinterest probably has lots of suggestions. See, you get "boards" that are based on topics and you "pin" things you like to those boards. Then, people can follow your boards and vice versa. I think. Or, you can just look at stuff. Forever.

The boards and pins come at you fast. As you peruse the site, that draft you just felt is underachievement wafting in the room. The warm cloak of self-confidence you worked hard to harness over your strong shoulders gets yanked off. Awash in a time portal, hours are wasted while you chase rabbits in a fog. You'll spend the rest of the day trying to figure out why you don't eat more quinoa, where burlap crafts have been all your life and contemplate how to dig up a grand for a new camera that will properly capture the essence of sea salt, rather, fluer de sel de Camargue, atop your adorable caramel shortbread cookies.

Oh, and if you have an Elf on the Shelf and have only been moving him from one actual shelf to another, you just might consider calling child protective services on yourself. Because you suck. Here are 20 reasons why. And, this is just the tip o' the iceberg.

1. You don't eat quinoa daily.

2. You just make cookies, you don't "plate" them in natural lighting with whimsical details blurred in the background.

3. You have no idea what "fondant" is. (Seriously?)

4. You don't package your homemade cookies in cellophane and bows.

5. You don't know how to adjust the shutter speed on your camera to capture the melted goo of a chocolate chunk cookie and blur everything else out.

6. When used as background, your house doesn't resemble an Ikea catalog spread.

7. You make just regular brownies. Those below are the new brownies.


8. You still haven't figured out how to use designer fonts to put your name at the bottom right corner of your food photos.

9. When your school-aged children make crafts, every single glittery pine-cone Christmas tree looks like a train wreck and your kids actually throw the pine-cones at you until you turn SpongeBob back on. They need more quinoa.

10. You haven't pinned anything in a week.

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Y'all don't be too hard on the pinterest, the wifey has found alot of pretty good recipes up on there and while she's pouring through all the crap on there, she doesn't have time to count my cervesas...So in closing, I think Pinterest is good!

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter


That's pretty compelling circumstatial evidence and a strong summation. I may have to reconsider my initial evaluation.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

@kergo1spaceship Pinterest is where stay at home moms souls go to die.  The last thing I want is 74 posts on my FB timeline of stupid shit someone else pinned that you stole and made it look  like it was your idea

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

@Joshwillbatforfood totally frau driven, but came out awesome.  Im just glad I didnt have to take the family xmas photo, this one worked perfect for christmas cards


@TheCredibleHulk @Kergo1Spaceship 

then, to replicate when I'm camping, I sh+t ten feet from my bed (tent) because I drank 19 Budweiser's, and ate atleast 4 LARGE ( i suggest Rudi's tortilla's!)  bean and jalapeno burrito's, replete with Tabasco and jalapeno peppers, Sriracha and ranch. 

ps-nothing worse than realizing at 3 AM, that "it" is coming.......NOW!

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter


Ooooooh... excellent idea! *scribbles note* 

I'm also considering setting a few squirrels loose, you know, just to jazz things up a bit.


Very nice, then what I do is bring in some of those "fake tree's" we used to have in offices in the 90's, and maybe a CD with multiple waterfalls.

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