10 Reasons You Absolutely Shouldn't Make Losing Weight a New Year's Resolution. For the Sake of Baby Seals, Don't.

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Downes Off Site Kitchen Burger550.jpg
Catherine Downes - Off-Site Kitchen

5. Best dishes of 2012: Hopefully you picked up this print edition when it was out. If not, then get your ink cartridges refilled and keep a copy in your fanny pack or purse for a handy guide for your next best meal(s).

6. Big Tex: Our favorite fair greeter in huge Dickie's pants went up in flames this year. You think if he had another day on Earth he'd gorge on some corn dogs? Of course, he would. Of course. He. Would. Eat for Big Tex. It's your obligation as a Texan and to any fair that ever was.

7. Tex-Mex (and your pride): With brisket tacos and beer at hand, Scott recently pulled together the Nine Best Tex-Mex Restaurants in Dallas. As it's the (unofficial) state food, loyal Texans should gorge on Tex-Mex regularly; and those 20 Weight Watchers points you get allocated each day are in one bite of the sour cream enchiladas at Herrera's. Game over.

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Me too!  And I joke because secretly I hurt inside, and I WISH I had a body like that.  

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