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Where do you get your wine expertise?
I'm a sommelier. I came to the United States (Taylor was born in Austin but raised in Western Turkey, then moved back to the States in 1994 for college) with a pretty significant appreciation for wine, then I have worked as a professional. My first wine buying job was in 1997. I've always worked in the food and wine industry.

Finally in a language we can all understand.

What brought you to this side of the business?
I'm very passionate about the relationship that needs to exist between people who drink wine and the people who make and sell wine. Coming to the U.S., as a person who owned the English language, the language people used to describe wine that they do like or don't like is very different then the language used by people who make and sell the wine. They're just not using the language the same way at all.

So, if you want to understand which wines people like you really had to listen to understand what they meant. That means that you have to know wine, but you also have to know people, in the sense that you have to have enough experience in how people describe and categorize wine.

It's like learning the foreign language of wine ...
The people who drink wine, make wine and sell wine all have different agendas. And if you want to make sense of it all you have to stand in the middle of it and really understand everyone.

The intention is to remove the obstacles and for people to enjoy wine.

How do the wine lists work?
You can put wines on different lists. For instance, a list for the wines "Bob" recommended. Then another list for, say, "Reds I Love." Then, maybe you get of magazine that suggested some wines, so you make a list of those. When you go to a store where WinePoynt works, it will tell you if any of your wines on any of your lists are at that store.

You can share the lists you create and make any of those lists public and once you do that, anyone can see your list. That's creating a social environment, which is something we really wanted to do. So, if I have a list of great barbecue wines, I can share it with anyone. Then, when you bring it up, the stars and compatibility make it obvious to you which ones we think you will and won't like.

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